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New Year; hopes & Afghan youth’s desires

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By: Masouda Qarizada

With arriving the new solar year, hopes of people have increased for peace in Afghanistan. With increasing efforts towards maintaining peace and stability and signing the US and Taliban peace deal, the people of Afghanistan hope the 1,400 New Year brings them peace and stability.
In their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent, a number of residents of Kabul believe that hopes among the people of Afghanistan particularly youth have increased as efforts are underway for peace and end of the ongoing war in the country.
“I hope Afghanistan will reach peace and reconciliation during the 1,400 year,” said Nasir Ahmad, a government employee. He says the only desire of Afghan youth who are the future builders of the country is national reconciliation and peace, asking the government to provide employment and facility for further education.
He said that increasing unemployment among Afghan youth has faced most of the country’s youth with various challenges and problems as most Afghan youth have turned to leave for other countries.
Ajmal Afshari, another resident of Kabul, also hopes the new year brings peace and solidarity to the country.
“As an Afghan youth, I wish the new year be a happy year for the war-battered people of Afghanistan. We’re thirsty of peace and end of the ongoing war in the country as the people particularly youth are tired of war,” Ajmal said, hoping that with arriving the new year Afghan youth can continue their studies in a peaceful environment.
He asked the government to provide better opportunities for Afghan youth to work and get education in their country, asking the Afghan youth to give hand to each other to rebuild the country and do not let enemies of the country destroy the country and future of Afghan youth.
Ali Muradi, a university student, says we see the new year and spring as a good omen for bright future as all consider the new year as a year of peace and end of the ongoing war in the country. “All including aged people and youth want peace in Afghanistan as peace brings prosperity and happiness to the people particularly youths who are interesting in going school and university,” Muradi said, adding that if a girl is educated, she can change the future of a family and take positive step towards development of a society.
Meanwhile, Atifa Ahmadi, another resident of Kabul city, says Nawroz is a tradition, historic and national festival which has been celebrated in Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and Central Asian countries. She hoped the new year would bring peace and stability in the country. This comes amid of efforts being made in national and international level for maintaining peace and stability in the country.



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