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New wave of cholera disease kills scores in some provinces

Collage Maker 14 Jul 2022 03.53 PM

Cholera broke out in Zabul, Ghazni, Kandahar; Helmand, Paktika and Khost provinces, and scores of the residents are infected with the disease.

Since one month, a number of Afghan citizens have been infected with cholera in some provinces of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, some of them have lost their lives due to lack of access to health centers.
Cholera broke out in Zabul, Ghazni, Kandahar; Helmand, Paktika and Khost provinces, and scores of the residents are infected with the disease.
In a conversation with The Kabul Times, they said that the Ministry of Public Health is obliged to pay serious attention to the patients and instruct the related provincial health centers to treat the patients.
The patients suffering from severe diarrhea increasing in the country while our people are living in hunger and hot season, the majority of these families living under tents and they haven’t access to clean water and healthy food, and this disease is increasing in the eastern and southeastern provinces of the country.
Meanwhile, a number of hospitalized patients say that economic challenges are the reason behind the increase of the disease.
The doctors of Antani Hospital in Kabul say as the weather is warming up and floods are flowing in some provinces of the country, the number of patients suffering from severe diarrhea has increased in this hospital.
They called the reason for the increase of the disease lack of access to hygienic water and healthy food and add that more than a hundred patients visit this hospital every day.
Faridullah Omari, a specialist trainer at Antani Hospital in Kabul, said: “Every day, about 100 to 130 people come to our hospital with diarrhea, which is covered by the grace of God, but this number is both men and women and is increasing.”
The female doctors in this hospital, expressing their concern about the increase of this disease, ask the Ministry of Health to launch an awareness campaign among the citizens of the country to prevent the increase of the disease. Farideh Qadri, head of the women’s department of Antani hospital, said: “On the day of Arafah, twenty-eight cases were recorded on the first day of Eid, thirty-five cases on the third day, and thirty-seven cases on the third day, and today So far, twenty incidents have been registered before the day is half over.
Abdul Basir, a patient, said: “One day before Eid, I drank a glass of sugarcane juice. The next morning, I had diarrhea, later, I took medicine, but it was not helpful.”
Afghan citizens ask the related institutions to monitor the food that is being sold on the roadsides because the majority of our countrymen use mobile carts where food is sold.
They get full, but they don’t know how healthy this food is. They also use unsanitary water, which causes this disease.
Kabul Municipality, in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health, should prevent the sale of unsanitary food in the city, otherwise, in this hot season, our people are more likely to suffer from this disease.
Masouda Qarizada


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