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New silos to be built with modern technologies

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By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: The Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock is making effort to build new silos using modern technologies.
The in charges of this ministry saying that in upcoming year, the ministry to build new silos in five provinces of the country with total amount of $ 23 million. According to the ministry, the former silos could not be responsive to people’s requirements so it is necessary the new silos to be built in the country.
In silos, the grains to be kept with appropriate temperature of centigrade for long years and won’t loss its quality.
The spokesman of the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Akbar Rustami told media the other day that the ministry was working on construction of new silos. The new silos are more worthy comparing former ones from several points of view, according to Rustami.
Rustami said former silos were built in according with that time requirements of people and in today, those silos don’t respond to people’s demands. He went on saying that according to calculation made by hi ministry and World Bank (WB), from environment point of view, the former silos are located in inappropriate places. “So, they decided instead of rehabilitation of former silos, to build new silos with modern technologies.”
Rustami reasoned that 40 years back technology was not in accord with new ones and were not appropriate for keeping of grains. Beside this, the ministry considers the new silos to be built in appropriate places with large reservoirs strategically, he added.
The ministry spokesman went on saying that evaluation shows rehabilitation of former silos needed further money comparing building of new five silos and $ 30 million is needed to rehabilitate former silos. “So, with building of new five silos, about $ seven million to be saved.”
Considering these issues, in collaboration with World Bank, the ministry of agriculture and irrigation made a decision to build new five silos with modern technology.
It is planned these five silos to be built in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Baghlan and Kandahar provinces with total capacity of 195000 metric tons grain, Rustami said. He also confirmed that these silos are sufficient for keeping of all grains needed by people.
It is planned these silos to be built in capital cities of aforementioned provinces while the central silo to be built in Barikaab of Kabul, Rustami asserted.
According to the spokesman, from economic and environment point of view Barikaab of Kabul is appropriate place and beside silos, the industrial parks would be also built there. “With establishment of these industrial parks, the great part of Kabul citizens requirement would be maintained from grain point of view.”
Rustami continued that the former silos were active in Kandahar, Herat, Baghlan, Balkh and Kabul and practically wheat is kept in them.
He said those silos especially the central silo is at the disposal of ministry of urban development.
According to him, in those silos, the wheat belong to ministry of agriculture and irrigation is kept in them and reservoirs to be used within emergency state.
He also stated that the process of bidding is completed and their works are under evaluation. He hoped the related work to be processed soon and the practical work of building of these silos to begin next year.
Rustami said with beginning of the construction of these silos, employment opportunities will be provided for hundreds of the compatriots.
Annually, Afghanistan needs, about 6.3 million tons of wheat. This is in a time that the production of current year was about 5.1 million tons wheat and another 1.2-million-ton wheat imported from neighboring countries.

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