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New Pak government hoped to help lasting peace restore in Afghanistan

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Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Quraishi on Saturday arrived in Kabul and met with Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and other high-ranking officials.

At the Gul Khana Palace, both President Ghani and Quraishi discussed key national and regional issues among them security, peace and stability in the region, joint war on terror and most importantly, the implementation of the Afghan-Pak action plan.

The country’s president, pointing to the importance of the implementation of the Afghan-Pak action plan, said that the plan was very inclusive and would be effective and helpful, when it was fully put into practice and implemented.

Development of the action plan for peace and solidarity and support of Pakistan to an Afghan owned and Afghan led peace process and most importantly its implementation has been insisted during the meeting.

However, the people of Afghanistan are still doubtful over the visit of Pakistani foreign minister and have no strong hope for the visit to have a message of a constructive effort for lasting peace and security in their country.

The first visit of the Pakistan foreign minister to Afghanistan, after the new prime minister’s rising to power, is expected to open a loophole of hope for peace and stability in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, as in the pasts, many of such trips have been made by the neighboring country’s representatives, mainly focusing on security, remained no effective.

Such visits have so far yielded nothing except a ceremonial meetings and discussions and clearly highlighted that Pakistan’s past governments have not been interested in honest cooperation with Afghanistan to help the war-torn country reach a lasting peace and security.

But, times for Afghanistan being ripped off by the aliens’ conspiracies are over and contrary to the past leaders, the new Pakistan government with Emran khan on the leadership is hoped to honestly enter a deal with Afghanistan by convincing or even imposing pressure on the Afghan government armed oppositions to join a negotiation table, directly with the Afghans representatives.

Afghanistan, now has strong will for peace and in this way has won the people support and trust and would never bow to any force to reach a sustainable peace.

The people of Afghanistan’s trust in the new Pakistani leadership proves, when it could bring the militants’ representatives to a face-to-face peace talk with the Afghan government officials under an Afghan led and Afghan owned process.


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