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New laws enforcement to prevent corruption in Afghanistan

Un Anti Croption

Afghanistan National Unity Government (NUG) has recognized corruption as big menace for the country and pledged to the people and international community to root out it.
Officials to Ministry of Justice (MoJ), directorate of special secretariat for counter corruption and legal department of administrative affairs have informed of ratification and enforcement of laws on counter corruption and supporting those reporting corruption-related crimes, considering implementation of the laws as effective for counter corruption in the country.
Yama Turabi, head of special secretariat for counter corruption in a joint meeting held in Kabul said it was determined that an independent commission on counter corruption would be formed to effectively fight corruption in the country.
“Anything which is new in connection with law on counter corruption is the formation of a five-member commission which is given lots of tasks and authorizations,” Turabi said, adding that all five members ‘two women and three men’ will be introduced to President after selected by selection committee.
He further said that law on counter corruption has been developed in accordance to Afghanistan commitments based on UN counter corruption convention and national strategy on counter corruption to legalize counter corruption institutions.
The respective law has been codified to prevent from activities of parallel counter corruption institutions, legalize their operations and put them under one independent commission.
According to senior advisor to ministry of justice Mohammad Ashraf Rasooli, the law on supporting those reporting corruption-related crimes has been also codified to fight corruption, maintain support and safety to those reporting corruption and persuade them to report corruption-related crimes to judicial organs.
Based on the law, anyone who reports corruption-related crimes will be granted 5 percent of the money taken from corrupt official in case that decision of court was final and if a government employee does so, promotion, higher education opportunity and others will be considered besides granting him some money.
Nevertheless, Afghan legal experts do not believe if such steps can root out corruption in the country.
“There is systematic corruption in Afghanistan as from high-ranking officials to low-ranking government employees are involved somehow in corruption, so such steps won’t be effective for counter corruption in the country,” a university lecturer and expert Wadir Safi said.
He stressed that it was needed that the government in particular judicial organs should seriously work in this regard and enforce the law on counter corruption.
Reports of enforcement of new laws on counter corruption and formation of an independent counter corruption commission are released at a time when there are several parallel anti-corruption institutions operating in connection with counter corruption in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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