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New Kabul, Paktia MPs sworn in

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KABUL: At the presence of Ashraf Ghani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the new house members from Kabul and Paktia have been sworn in during a ceremony attended by Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danesh at the Presidential Palace, Bakhtar News Agency reported Wednesday.
Addressing the ceremony, the president said Mizan 28 was a national epic day during which, the people of Afghanistan bent to no threat to elect their representatives and the day would be registered with ‘golden script’ in the country’s democratic history, the agency quoted.
The president payed for the soul of the country’s security and defense forces and said they have showed that they were the main guardians of the constitution and democracy in the country, according to the agency.
He said: “The civil administrations have completely kept their impartiality during the election process and the presidential palace and other government institutions are hoped to have been clear for you.”
The president also criticized the former electoral bodies over delay in announcing the results of the elections and said it was a ‘crisis in the history of democratic systems.’
He emphasized on prevention of similar tragedy in the future, according to the agency.
The president congratulated the completion of the Wolesi Jirga for the people of Kabul and Pakita and the entire people of Afghanistan and said: “You the ladies have to focus on your key duties to win the trust of the people of Afghanistan.” He called absence of Ghazni representatives at the house of people a vacuum and said the parliamentary election would be held in the province simultaneously with the presidential, provincial and districts councils processes.
He thanked Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the country’s Chief Executive for his effort to well manage the reforms in the election process.
The president also thanked Sarwar Danesh the second Vice-President and said more than 400 laws and regulations have so far been approved and the clear base of a developed law has been set up.
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