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New High Advisory Board strengthens peace process

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Afghanistan government has always made effort towards maintaining peace in the country and shown readiness for talks with the Taliban group. Although Taliban has not shown readiness for talks with Afghanistan government so far, the government has announced high advisory board for peace talks with the Taliban.
Afghanistan government has finally announced the establishment of the high advisory board for peace and the peace negotiating team of government aimed at creating a national consensus for starting peace talks with the Taliban group.
In a decree issued by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, it is stated that the establishment of the high advisory board for peace and the peace negotiating team is aimed to create consensus at a national level for promoting and maintaining lasting peace through consultations and discussions with Afghanistan’s former jihadi leaders as well as political and social elites, including representatives from various segments of society.
In the decree, all those who will be part of the negotiating teams on the peace process, their tasks and guidelines for the way forward have been named and specified.
According to a spokesperson to National Security Council (NSC) office Tariq Arian, the board and the peace negotiating team include high-ranking officials of government, working committees and secretariat which will be finalized and prepared.
In the decree, it was stated that meetings of the advisory board shall be attended by the leaders of national unity government, heads of both houses of parliament, the chief justice, national security advisor, president’s chief of staff, the attorney general of Afghanistan, chairman of National Directorate of Security (NDS), state minister for parliamentary affairs, chairman of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG), head of Afghanistan Ulema Council and head of the secretariat of the High Peace Council (HPC).
It was also specified in the decree that the peace negotiating team led by President’s chief of staff Abdul Salam Rahimi is tasked to run peace talks based on instruction of the high advisory board of peace.
In the meantime, nine working committees, which will be composed of representatives of various sections of the community is created to better understand and collect the views of the people and aware the people of modality of peace talks with the Taliban group.
An Afghan civil society activist Sami says recent peace efforts in national and international level have increased hopes among the people of Afghanistan. “Establishment of high advisory board for peace and the negotiating team by the government can make the people more optimistic for their country and future as the board can practice national determination and strengthen peace efforts,” Sami added.
Lasting and honorable peace is the desire of all Afghans and the government considers reaching to this principal demand as its key responsibility. The new high advisory board is aimed to prepare for peace talks and specify an address for intra-Afghan dialogue between the government and the Taliban group.
Now that peace efforts are underway in national and international levels, the people of Afghanistan, wishing for lasting peace in the country, are concerned over peace negotiations as they have the right to know everything what is going on inside and outside of the country regarding peace talks with the Taliban group.
Peace efforts are increasing amid increasing insecurities in various parts of the country as dozens of Afghan innocent people are martyred and wounded in daily basis due to continued war in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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