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New generation should take initiatives in politics, battlefields

Afghan security forces

ANSF have been protecting our air and ground borders from invasion and violation, so their sacrifices and devotion should not become an instrument at the hand of few politicians to acquire concession. The new generation of Afghanistan pays highest prices for Afghanistan dignity and sovereignty and must be protected for this sincere sacrifice.
Based on official data released by the Afghan government, since the outset of the NUG, at least 45000 ANSDF have been martyred including large number of ANA, ANP and NDS soldiers classified between 20-40 years old. Few nations in the world have sustained such huge sacrifices. Every conscientious person should bow against this magnificent sacrifice and kneed down.
Whenever the young generation of Afghanistan offer this great sacrifice in the battlefields of war on terror and Pakistan invasion, then why few old politicians should deal with their blood on the talks table.
No doubt, every war would be ended ultimately one day and reasonable and generally acceptable way of life for mankind is a civilized and peaceful life. War for survival is a way, but not the only way. At present, particularly that the world is progressing, war can prevent the mankind progress and development. But sometimes war is the only solution and the people have to chose the option of war to ensure justice and relative peace.
Today, unfortunately Afghanistan is in such a position that has to fight terrorists groups who are trained by aliens and defend values, soveirgnty and independence and finally achieve development.
The young Afghan generation been the main burden of war who belong to poor classes of society. Less families could be found in Afghanistan who have not been victimized by imposed wars of recent decades on terror. On the other side of this tragedy, there are a number of veteran politicians who deal with destiny of multi-million innocent people in the guesthouses and casinos of this or that country.
The young generation consider as their leaders only those who convey their voice to the ear of the world and advocates of international terrorism, the voice of stop killing of innocent people and stop their defence in talks table.
This generation doesn’t consider as their leaders the in sincere and self-erected excellences.
Afghanistan is burning in the flames of war and unfortunately this fire brings warmth to a minority and burns majority. Those who are with each side, in fact are with no side and would not be trusted by people too.
It is better to leave peace and war to Afghan people and the young generation gives sacrifice for the survival of this system and under its flog, not under the baldmen with a necktie, long beard, a turban or hat on their heads.
Let’s think a moment to the child of an ANSF soldiers, whose father has been killed in the battlefield of war on terror. He (his innocent chell), his orphan young brother and sister and widow mother, are continuously looking with open eyes to the doors of their home. When the door would be opened and their father would appear and call the youngest family member. The excitement of “father came, father came” would dominate the space of house. The aniety of the young wife would be breaking under the presence of the young father. The space would be warm and friendly.
Whether those peace seekers who have marginalized the Afghan government and brave warriors of ANSF have ever thought on this issue?
A question raises here, when some people under title of leader, politicians, Jehadi leader, left or right ignore or underestimate this nation and its values and blood so to gain a concession in one way or another, for that the going sincere and educated generation are waiting you for? Why they don’t enter the field.
What are waiting you for? You have the opportunity to prove yourself to the Afghan people.
Your fellow generation and colleagues are giving sacrifices in the battlefields in the rank of ANSDF. You should have the courage to defended presentation and bloodletting history would make a merciless judgment on them.
The young generation responsibility is defending the Afghan government sovereignty and constitution. The young generation should stand strongly against corrupt, failed and ignorant leaders. Continuation and strengthening of government is in the benefit of public and young generation not on the interests of those who have been born and grown up under anarchy. Therefor the young generation should taken initiative in war and politics battlefield, and prevent politically expired leaders.
At present, Afghanistan is in a very constraint situation politically and security paint of view and passage through it is difficult but not impossible. Afghan youth should decide today on their tomorrow. Today Afghanistan needs a powerful and qualified government, national consensus, defending our flag and values and creation of a single rank, not flattering to the enemy and pleading to be exempted from the enemy’s anger.
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