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New commissioners should improve people trust to IEC, ECC

New commissioners are sworn in 4 March 2019 Presidential Palace

Ultimately in the wake of long consultations on appointment of electoral commissioners, the new commissioners performed oath taking ceremony at the presence of president which was welcomed by civil society and the US embassy and they asked them to work on confidence building of people to electoral commissions.
The US embassy authorities in Kabul said, we expect them to work further on public confidence building to a reliable and transparent election.
US ambassador John Bass said, the first step is this that the final results of parliamentary elections should be released and the new lawmakers should start their mission as quick as possible without any delay.
The Afghan government leaders had also asked the new commissioners that finalization and release of parliamentary, elections is the basic priorities of both commissions.
The NUG leaders addressed holding of a transparent election and rehabilitation of public confidence to election process as another responsibility of members of both commissions.
On the other hand, president Ghani had wanted to new electoral commissioners that their every violation would be considered law breaking and would be prosecuted.
While the new commissioners have been elected by presidential candidates and political parties, the civil society bodies emphasize on their impartiality in election process.
Aziz Rafiyee, chairman of civil society complex said, I am pleased on electing of new commissioners but holding of election and management of this process is difficult and needs sufficient knowledge and experience. The Pan Afghan people expect them to succeed.
He added, unfortunately holding of election has always been controversial and problematic in Afghanistan and the last scenario should not be repeated that would not be acceptable.
Three months before the parliamentary elections took place and our people are waiting its final results.
A number of electoral observers and civil society bodies addressed release of the final results of election as an urgent issue and ask the government to take practical steps for holding of presidential election. These election observers called effective introducing reforms in election system for holding of upcoming Afghanistan elections. The people expect the government to have strong determination for the holding of elections.
Amir Mohammad a political commentator said, holding of elections is a great ordeal for the Afghan government. If its held transparently, the reputation of government would be improved. Therefore the world community should support the Afghan government to hold an on time, transparent, fair and void of fraud elections.
Suraya Raiszada

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