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New commissioners should address electoral challenges

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Election is a democratic movement which makes a significant landmark in a community. The citizens, who have been marginalized to decide on political issues, are now playing their vital roles in electing their president and the parliament members by going to ballot centers. Conducting election is the most democratic way which gives legitimacy to the power of a particular person or system. The main goal which is intended in election is to bring changes in political structure of a country in a democratic manner. 
To protect democratic values of the country, the president issued separate decrees on Sunday and introduced new commissioners for the electoral commissions. The new commissioners for the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) took the oath at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace on Monday.
Addressing the ceremony, President Ghani said the new commissioners are representing all political parties and presidential candidates.”Everyone witnessed that the new commissioners were elected in a transparent process,” the president said, adding all violations in elections will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.
“No members of the Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission should have any link with any political party. All relations of the new commissioners with their parties or other organizations should end after this,” the president added.
One of the basic political issues in Afghanistan is fraud-tainted and controversial election processes and electoral systems.In the past presidential and parliamentary elections in the country, the structures for a fraud-free and transparent election has been failed. The election processes have been vehemently dominated by allegations of fraud and misconduct, and the election commissions, both (IEC) and (IECC) of Afghanistan, have not been able to function independently and their commissioners have been accused of fraud and meddling into election affairs.
Indeed, elections let the public govern themselves; therefore, in a democratic state, government is not anything beyond the general will. People get the chance of listening the motives and mottos of the leaders and they get time even to analyze them properly. The Afghan people, considering their democratic rights, have time and again raised their voices, in particular when there has been massive fraud reported.
As per president’s remarks, the new commissioners should respect the democratic values and act based on it. They should spare no effort to provide a safe and sound environment for a free and transparent presidential election and address the challenges existed in previous elections. They should also listen to people’s and civil institutions demands and recommendations for successful elections.
Meanwhile to have respect and safeguard democracy and democratic values, the government, political parties, civil society organizations, the electoral commissions and the public should pave the ground forsuccessful holding ofelections andsafeguard the democratic process from the parasites of corruption, fertilize it with freedom of expression and above all avoid deforestation by dominancy of dictatorship.

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