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Neighboring countries be sure Afghan soil would never be used against them


By: Abdul Hadi Quraishi

The Afghan people and government leaders attach high importance to Iranian people and government and their national sovereignty and territorial integrity and request them similar mutual gesture which could be the most proper and reasonable attitude.
Since 1914 the reign of late Amir Habibullah Khan, the consecutive Afghan government and political regimes have been neutral and impartial in all regional and global political and diplomatic conflicts.
Current political, military and economic tensions in the region willy nilly leave unpleasant impacts on the regional governments political and military situations because in a peaceful situation, trade, economy and culture grow rapidly and tension and violence and hostility decrease and all regional countries properly exploit improvement of desirable political situation.
Nowadays a political-military tension has arised between US-Iran. The Afghan government and people request both sides to settle difference peacefully and politically in the light of available international laws specially the UN charter and assures the regional countries that its territory would not be used against them and doesn’t want to be involved in these conflict.
in a telephone contact with Iranian counterpart, the Afghan president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani clarified that Afghanistan will remain a friendly country and support regional and global peace and security.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.