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Negotiations between US, Taliban in Doha

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Criticizing the US, a number of government officials and representatives say that unfortunately, the negotiations’ details have not been so far shared with the people of Afghanistan.
They stressed that negotiations behind closed doors and without presence of Afghan government representatives is concerning as it should be intra-Afghani ones.
“Those who call themselves democracy defenders, but they violate it, thus, if the situation is continuing like this, in fact, a deal will be made,” a lawmaker Hashimi said.
If the government is involved in peace talks, there is no doubt that the process will succeed, he added.
“Our people don’t want anyone play with their destiny,” he went on to say.
Peace talks between the United States and Taliban representatives is ongoing in Qatar, but what is unclear to the people of Afghanistan is that what decisions will be taken during these talks.
Earlier, President Ghani stressed on the Afghan government’s stance in peace process.
According to Chief Executive Office’s spokesperson U.S. and Afghanistan’s international partners are making effort to pave the way and facilitate intra-Afghani talks.
The office added decisions on Afghan peace process should be taken by government’s negotiator delegation.
It is merit to mention that involving Afghan government in peace process is among the issues have always been stressed by US officials, but the Taliban have not agreed upon this so far.
Politicians believe that the only way to reach lasting peace, is to protect Afghan people achievements made over the last more than one and half a decade.
“All world countries know that no negotiation will succeed unless it is done between the government and Taliban,” an expert on regional affairs Amin Khpelwak said.
Taliban representatives say that they have several times held negotiations with US officials in Qatar, but Khpelwak says that we are ready to negotiate with the Taliban in any country and establish an office for them.
He added Taliban cannot reach their goal through war, thus, they should choose peace way so their demands are fulfilled, because, continuation of war doesn’t have legitimacy in holy religion of Islam.
“The government of Afghanistan knows that no process would succeed to reach peace without presence of the Afghan government, therefore, efforts should be made so the government directly gets involved in talks with the Taliban,” an political expert Jamal Farahmand said.
As the government has consulted with different segments of the society, it asked them to prepare a list, based on which to form a negotiator team, the presidential spokesperson Haroun Chakhansouri said.
This comes as High Peace Council while expressing optimism on peace efforts stressed that any negotiation with the insurgent groups should be done by the government of Afghanistan.
Suraya Raiszada

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