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Negotiation; the best way to settle WJ’s issue

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Peak of scandal and uncultural approach was displayed in parliament (Wolesi Jirga)on Sunday. The lawmakers insulted and abused each other. Even one lawmaker strongly insulted daughter of his colleague and lawmakers displayed their knives to each other. This rude approach doesn’t adapt to an institution in which deputies of the republic have gathered.
Based on presuppositions of a democratic systems the republican citizens are the owner of legislation authority and hand over this authority to their lawmakers as a result of elections to legislation on their behalf. Legislation takes place for arrangement of life so a lawful society would be formed. In a society that law is not dominating it, obstinacy and terror is changed to a rule. Behavior of some lawmakers in the parliament was an example of an obstinate society that lacks rule of law.
This situation must be ended. The question of electing of the house speaker should be settled with negotiation and logical argumentation. Important question is this that whether the votes of present majority is a criterion for election of the house speaker or something else? When we say votes of present majority, the criterion is those ballots that have been casted into the box, or this issue has a different interpretation? This case should be negotiated. It is true that parliament is the place of politics and problems take trible color. But solution is talks and logical argumentation. The lawmakers should talk on this problem. According to constitution frank order, a person can be the house speaker who gains the votes of present majority in the house. If we suppose that 200 lawmakers are present in the meeting and then two persons don’t vote or get out of the meeting due to certain reason, whether criterion is the votes that have been casted into the box or all the lawmakers should absolutely use their ballots?
In the world parliaments the criterion of electoral majority is present votes in the boxes. In presidential elections too criterion is not the number of citizens who have registered for voting but criterion is the ballots that have been casted into the boxes. Everybody who managed to gain over 50 percent, he is the elected speaker.
The votes that have been casted into the boxes, are the criterion. This issue may have not been clarified in the house principle of domestic jobs, but in the past too in this parliament criterion was the votes that were casted into the boxes. It is better that the lawmakers should talk on this issue and draw conclusion 15 lawmakers were tasked to create an understanding and talk on all these issues. If they failed to reach an agreement, there is no need to cause tension and disorder in the house. In that case talks should continue and find a solution. In 1389, the parliament lacked a speaker for one month and elections for speaker failed and no candidate managed to get standard votes but no uncultural approach was not seen for electing of speaker. In that time efforts were made to keep the magnificence and dignity of the house.
The lawmakers should notice the prestige of the house in the public opinion. This prestige must not be harmed and harming of the house prestige is not in the benefit of the nascent democracy of Afghanistan.
The current problem in parliament is due to ambiguity in principles of domestic jobs and political collisions. Political and technical disputes are merely solved through negotiations and confrontation is not a solution and the lawmakers can only overcome current problem through talks.
Political parties, government and political figures outside the government should not influence and deteriorate the situation in the house. Activation of legislature is in the interests of the country and the parliament must not become paralyzed.

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