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Negative mentality against election should be prevented

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Some propaganda have taken place on fraud and violation and transparency or non-transparency of presidential election which held in September 28 by certain electoral teams or electoral observers in recent days and even some individuals or groups requested putting aside the election and drafting another way for Afghanistan.
According to existed laws, judgement on abovementioned cases are only in the authority of electoral commissions. If persons or groups have evidence on fraud and violations, should documentarize it and submit to Electoral Complaint Commission, but these evidents should prove their claims on fraud and violations and they should await decision of the ECC. If the ECC decision failed to convince them, they can request and appeal the court to decide.
Prejudgment without evidence and reputable documents through non-ECC channels on incredibility and transparency of election and existence of fraud and violation would bring negative impacts and cause harmful mentality and undermine reputation of election and create a kind of resistance and non-acceptance of the elections results in public opinions.
It would cause the electoral teams to reject the election results even if it would be true and precise and react against ECC and Independent Election Commission.
September 28 presidential elections was certainly involved with some efforts for fraud and violations and management problems. But according to many bodies and citizens, this elections was much better organized and managed than the previous elections and its rates of fraud and violations were slight comparatively.
Fortunately, these frauds and violations were not secret from the eyes of observing bodies and citizens and thousands complaints arrived to ECC and were registered. The ECC has also promised the citizens to evaluate these complaints comprehensively, decisively, and would decide on those complaints that affect the results.
So it would be better to give an opportunity to both commissions to carry out their jobs according to the laws, summarize and insert the votes in database, totalize and insert the result and announce them finally.
Afghans should respect legal and lawful authorities of these elections’ bodies and let them to decide in the light of prevailing laws, procedures and approve or reject the results accordingly. We should not cause electoral crisis because all of us have even responsibility and obligation to protect the credibility of a big national process like election.
Meanwhile, the electoral commissions must take all necessary measures in hand to protect and safeguard people’s votes and prevent fraud and abuse from votes of people. No one should use the electoral process as weapons, and they should stop some assertions that there must be something wrong or electoral frauds if they lose.
We should be committed to rule of law and solve our problems through the principles outlined in the Electoral Code and the applicable laws of the country, and not allow changing the national opportunities to national threats.

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