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Negative impacts of monitory instability on our economy

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By: Shukria kohistani

A number of economists said that economic and political instability and trade imbalance have caused circulation of foreign currencies in domestic markets.
Since one week a counter foreign currencies campaign has been launched in some eastern and western provinces of Afghanistan and local authorities encouraged national traders and businessmen to use Afghani and their transaction, said spokesman of Nangarhar provincial governor, Ataullah Khogyani adding that businessmen promise but act seldom. Considering the above reasons as main factor of circulation of foreign currencies in internal markets experts believe that temporary campaigns against usage of foreign currencies produced limited impacts. Lecturer of faculty of economics, Kabul University, Saifuddin Saihoon said that the central bank should undertake clear programs for stability of Afghan currency and prevent its fluctuation in domestic markets. Touching the anti-foreign currencies campaign in six border provinces Saihoon adds that these campaign’s result and slide impact and at present the interests of businessmen require to use foreign currencies intensively in their transactions.
Touching the rule of Pakistani rupee in border provinces he clarified that majority of commodities imported through Pakistan border are purchased with rupee and for their interests and saving of time the businessmen transact these goods against rupee.
Saihoon went on to say this is an economic problem and requires an economic solution. The government should improve economic estability and increase exports with support of domestic products.
Economists believe that usage of foreign currencies in domestic markets will be reduced only when Afghanistan approaches to economic political stability and balance of payments. If anti foreign currencies campaigns are managed regularly and properly by the government use of rupee will be decreased remarkably. The situation has left unpleasant impacts on markets and people are strongly concerned.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.