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Need of paving the way for women vast partnership in elections

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By: The Kabul Times

With the narrowing of election schedule, concerns are raising on possible low level of women partnership in this election. Relevant UN agencies, civil societies and women’s advocate bodies are expressing already their concerns on this issue.
What causes these concerns, is the conditions that women might not find the needed opportunity of partnership in elections.
Due to the background of dominating conditions in the country and that large parts of our country are rural areas and dominating culture on rural environments had caused only slight number of women to adopt national ID and majority of rural women lack Tazkera.
Since the IEC undertook the program aimed re-preparing list of voters and paste up sticker on Tazkeras, the women failed to take advantage from this program due to some reasons than men to glue sticker and register their IDs. This caused large number of women despite of holding Tazkera, to attend the elections.
The other problem was and still are, long distance of polling centers from rural villages. Under Afghanistan geography, rural villages located away and separate from each other and there is long distance between urban and rural areas, including populated areas like districts centers. If we add transportation problems and challenges as well as the dominating rural families culture to this issue, the result is natural deprivation of large number of rural women from elections. Insecurities, wars and violences in most parts of the country and possible, potential threats of armed insurgents against polling centers, are other challenges ahead of public, particularly women partnership in elections.
Likely most women fearing insecurity events and terrorist attacks would not attend polling stations.
According to the latest data of C.S.O and Ministry of Economy, women constitute slightly over half of our population, nearly over 16 million while that of men is over 16m.
It means that women make over half of our national human capital. So this human capital must be exploited in all national processes including elections, and women should be allowed to use their ballot, determine destiny of people and improve general situation of the country. It is demanded that the IEC in close cooperation of the government and its international partners pave the way for women to attend election vastly and with peace of mind.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.