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Need of intensified war on drugs

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By: Suraya Raiszada

In its recent report, the White House Drug Control National Policy Office (DCNPO) has said that opium production increased in 2019 in Afghanistan. Touching poppy cultivation and opium production, the report added that in 2019, around 6700 tons pure opium have been produced in Afghanistan while in 2018 it was 5550 tons.
At the same time, DCNPO has reported on reduction of poppy cultivation in this year. It seemed that increase of opium production was related to climate conditions, type of opium seeds and harvesting method.
Nevertheless it indicates that war on drug cultivation, production and trafficking in the past years lacked expected effectiveness and failed to remarkably reduce poppy cultivation and opium production at regional and global level according to expectation of countrymen as well as public opinions. At present too, Afghanistan is at the top list of the world drug producers and annually more drugs are produced here and smuggled throughout the world. According to available reports, annual revenues of opium and other drugs amount to multi-billion dollars that pour into the pockets of drug mafia and terrorist groups as the latter finance large part of their terrorist activities expenditure by this amount.
There is a double connection between terrorism and drugs. Terrorism supports poppy cultivation and drugs production and trafficking in one hand and drugs are the most important source of financing of their terror activities on the other. Terrorist groups led by Taliban not only encourage farmers to cultivate poppy and produce drugs in their areas under control but even sometimes exert pressure on them and force them to cultivate poppy while their share is tenth. These terror groups earn huge income from drugs production annually. Corruption is one of the components that has considerably helped expansion of drug production and trafficking. Prior to this, if existence of corrupt people in government departments was considered only a claim but in the wake of arrest of a number of security officials who were involved in drug business, by the Ministtry of Interior, now we are sure that there are corrupt elements who abuse the holly job of police who is servant of people and implements rule of law. These corrupt group had led the biggest drug distribution network in capital Kabul. War on drugs is required to be intensified and needed that no effort and endeavor should to be intensified and needed that no effort and endeavor should be spared in this direction. The regional countries should unitedly and coordinately work with Afghanistan on implementation of counter drug joint strategy. This war should be against mafia circles who import essential chemicals for drug production as well as improved drug seeds into Afghanistan, put them at the disposal of farmers and drug growers.

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