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Need of aids supply as more snowfall forecasted

snow in kabul 30 dec 13

By: Ali Ahmad

Based on a statement of Meteorology Department that was released on Saturday to media, a number of provinces would be witnessing snowfalls in current week.
The statement adds that according to analysis of meteorological maps and models, arrival of a new snowfall system has been anticipated in the country and would continue till the end of Friday partially, that would cause snow and rains throughout the country. According to this newsletter, rains are anticipated in Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Nimzroz while snow in the rest of provinces. Current winter is one of the most cold and snow and rainfall in the recent two decades as since the beginning of cold season particularly winter, most provinces witnessed heavy snow and rain. Forty mm rain and 30cm to 100cm snow have been reported. Reports narrated on human casualties due to cold and floods and nearly 30 people were kill. Western and south western provinces sustained casualties as nine people were killed in Kandahar last week and three in Helmand.
Floods also caused casualties in Herat province. Citizens and public properties have also sustained heavy damages and financial losses.
Warning of meteorology department indicate that upcoming snowfalls and rains could face people with dangers and threats and would cause problems and challenges for people of the provinces posing to these warnings plus human casualties and financial damages.
This situation requires the bodies incharge to supply aids to needy countrymen in emergency conditions.
Both public and private relief supply agencies specially medical branches should alert their provincial units to serve deserving people in case of need and supply services. It is needed that casualties and damages be prevented as far as possible. Citizens should be warned to protect themselves and their families against probable disasters. Aid supply teams be ready to support affected people as soon as possible.

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