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Need felt for population growth control

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Afghanistan marked the World Population Day in a time that according to the incharges concerned at the ministry of economy, within recent years, Afghanistan is facing with the astronomic growth of population .
According to these incharges, based on the slow growth in the sector of economy, the national income not to be grown and from economy point of view, Afghanistan to be placed as stopping. This is a matter of concern.
Unfortunately, from the economic growth point of view that is a dire need for realization of welfare and prestigious life for citizens, has no satisfactorily state that unfortunately, as a result of four decades of war, all economic infrastructures of the country have been damaged and government of Afghanistan didn’t find a suitable opportunity to do work for rehabilitation of these infrastructures.
In new chapter of its national life, Afghanistan also is facing with some hurdles and as a result of insurgencies of terrorists, with gaining of support of some regional countries, this country didn’t implement its economic programs well.
Droughts, lack of rain and snowfalls that stem from climate changes, the agriculture sector, horticulture and animal husbandry that in fact are the main sources of Afghan families, sustained serious damages and this caused unemployment and poverty be grown in Afghan society.
This means that daily increasing of population in long-run, to increase more these problems and we would enjoying from population that poverty and nakedness be their specifications.
This can also have impact on security and stability and daily-increasing of organized crimes, human trafficking etc.
So, it is necessary attention to be focused to the growth of population.
Its aftermaths be studied well and for controlling of related process and also preventing from its unpleasant consequences, a suitable and serious management be created so that the government of Afghanistan bear under its control the growth of population in the country.
Afghanistan is not alone in facing with increment of population comparing with its stoppage in the growth of economy and even negative growth in economic sector regarded as a matter of concern but, the balance of population growth is also the issue that all countries and different societies resort to serious and continued supervisions and to fight with the crisis that would be come into being, this issue definite the policy of control of population for their country and as continuously take under control the increment as well as negative growth of population.
Today, in majority of Islamic countries such as the Republic of Egypt implement the policy of supervising of population growth considering the situation of other sectors such as economy, health, education, higher education and Hajand endowment.
The Islamic Republic of Iran with the slogan of “Lesser children, better life” and Pakistan with the slogan of “Small family, easy life” and since long, every regional country, promoting the policy of population control and manage the growth of population in their country.
The Peoples’ Republic of China permitted every family to bear one or two children and within recent years, this country said that every family even bear three children as well and no one of China family is permitted to bear more than three children, with promotion of such policy, some countries are facing with negative growth of population and now, they encouraging families to bear more children. Because, they are facing with a population that majority of them are elderly people.
For maintaining of human forces needed for economic, political and cultural processes the governments are in dire need of new-born children.
This means that control of population in different countries and societies has strong relation with the dimensions of their national life.
Because, imbalanced growth of population sans considering of economic, social and political situation in these countries causes heavy problems.
Based on the same, the ministry of economy regarded the growth of population as a serious need and in a ceremony held last week on the occasion of World Population Day, minister of economy has said that his ministry codified a policy in connection with the growth of economy and would be presented to the parliament soon.
Similarly, deputy of Central Statistic Administration, Habibullah Mowahed in this session asserted that now, 15 million of population of Afghanistan are eligible for workfrom among them less than 8.5 million people are employed and over seven million are unemployed.
Shortage in number of economic and active productive labor force is one of the factors behind daily-increasing of poverty in the country.
In this session, minister of economy, Mustafa Mastoor regarded the growth of population as a matter of concern and laid emphasize that since 50 years to date, the population of Afghanistan became three folds and now is also facing with astronomical growth of population.
In that time, the population of Afghanistan was 10.5 million while, this figure reaches to 31.5 million. This shows an a growth of 2.4 percent in population.
According to minister Mastoor, considering this figure, till 2025, the population of Afghanistan will estimated to 47 million.
He emphasized that if control not to be met, this country would face with numerous problems.
Mastoor added that considering this growth of population, Afghanistan needs a growth of 8 percent in its economy annually.
Mastoor continued in previous years, per capita income was 604 dollars while in recent years, this reduced to 520 dollar.
With increment of 600000 population annually, this exacerbates the concern about increment of poverty.
One of incharges in central statistic administration believes that unemployment that stems from the growth of population, lack of labor, lack of capability and capacity and professional labor forces caused that half of population have no food immunity.
Considering the indexes of human expansion, Afghanistan is placing in the rank of 1669th world nations.
Half part of population of Afghanistan are under 15, that lack of work ability has impact on productive force and growth of economy.
In collaboration with other government administrations concerned this administration is making effort to codify a comprehensive policy in connection with management of population in Afghanistan considering the growth of economy.
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