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Nearly 300,000 Afghans displaced due to continued war in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in Afghanistan says nearly 300,000 Afghans have been displaced from their homes due to continued war, violence and natural disasters in the past several months in Afghanistan.
According to UNOCHA’s recent report, in 2019, displacement due to ongoing conflict and natural disasters is continuing to drive humanitarian needs in Afghanistan. More than 282,800 people have left their homes this year due to fighting. Many of these people remain displaced across the country, as conflict and poverty prevent them from returning to their areas of origin.
“Around 83,800 of the 245,000 people displaced in the country’s west in 2018 by drought and other factors are still living in displacement sites, yet to return home. In addition to this, close to 367,600 people have returned from neighboring countries to Afghanistan so far this year including 346,800 from Iran, and 20,800 from Pakistan,” the report said, adding that the 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview estimates that close to a million people on the move will need humanitarian assistance by the end of the year.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) has also said that nearly 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to increasing of insecurities and natural disasters since the beginning of year in Afghanistan.
Regarding to increasing insecurities and continued war in the country, a spokesperson to the ministry of interior Nasrat Rahimi said increasing insecurities in some parts of the country have forced thousands of people to leave their homes.
“Hundreds of Afghan families have been displaced from their homes due to continued war and violence in the country,” the MoI spokesperson said, adding that all displaced families need humanitarian assistance. He asked humanitarian and welfare international organizations to help Afghanistan in providing assistance to the internal displaced families in the country.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts stress that Afghanistan government should make further effort to address security problems by launching clearing operations in areas facing with threats of armed opponent groups so that internal displaced families return their homes.
“Unfortunately, due to increasing insecurities, suicide attacks and violence in various parts of the country, a large number of people have been displaced from their home areas,” said Mohammad Mudaqiq, an Afghan political expert.
He asked the government to seek ways in order that security is maintained in areas facing with security threats so that displaced families return their homes.
Akbar Jawad, an Afghan university lecturer, believes that one of the most urgent needs of the displaced people is shelter which should be provided by the government.
“The government should find a proper location for those who have been displaced from their home areas due to increasing insecurities. In the meantime, UN and other humanitarian international organizations should cooperate with Afghanistan government to address problems and necessary needs of the displaced families,” Jawad added.
It is worth mentioning that nearly 1.5 million have been displaced internally from their home areas for the past few years due to increasing insecurities, drought, poverty and other natural disasters.

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