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Nawarkadoo Bay; a touristic, entertainment place in Daikundi

جهیل ناورکدو دایکندی عکس و مطلب از کریمه 4

The circular Bay of Nawarkadoo is one of the most attractive entertainment places located in a big desert and looks like a big cave with unknown depth filled with stagnated water and it source is not clear that could be developed to a touristic place.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, the head of Daikundi provincial department of IC Mohammad Hussein Syrat said, recently a delegation composed of representatives of MoIC deputy minister for administrative, financial and touristic affairs, NEPA, Lands Department, Miramor District led by Daikundi provincial head of IC was assigned to survey and prepare sketch of that place,.
Syrat added, this Bay located about 241 km from the provincial capital with an area of 28647 square meter and an altitude of 3047 meter from the sea level. According to local people, its background goes back to Hazrat Ali the first Emam of Shiiats and 4th Caliph of Islam.
Eyewitnesses said that in 1370 solar year the water color of this Bay turned red and the locals took it as a bad and nasty omen and raised their hands to pray at the court of Allah the Almighty and sacrificed a cow and after slaughting of the cow, the water color turned to normal.
Local inhabitants whose age was 70-80 claim that once they had witnessed flowing of water from inside of this pool to its vicinity despite of its unknown source but no one has ever witnessed its draining.
Local people added that those who had hunted birds in the vicinity of this pool, were facing with problems, and today no one dares to hunt birds inside or outside it.

جهیل ناورکدو دایکندی عکس و مطلب از کریمه 3
He continued, the Bushes inside the pool called as Shor grow up to five meter and no one dares to touch them.
Climate situation: Nawrakadoo located in a cold area with +20° temperature in summer and – 25° in winter and between Dec-March with possible freezing. Over 600 families are accommodated in the vicinity of this pool and their representatives have writtenly committed to cooperate for construction of a park there and create no problem. The lands around it cover an area of 30 hectars.
Syrat went on to say, the vicinity of the pool covered with plants and people cultivate rainfed wheat in it.
There are a lot of ancient sites and monuments and shrines including ancient hill of Kala, Koshkak monument, Berdiz, Shahqosoor shrine, Shah Turab shrine, Shahmardan spring in Khawja Ghar area, Rostam and Zal historical Fort and Jamshed Monument. Each has an interesting background and story.
The deserts around it enjoy good capacity for creation of park, residential areas, establishing of factories as well as airport on the north.
This area lacks communication network facilities, asphalted or standard roads. Locals deforest the plants around it and NEPA should take steps.
The MRRD and MoAIL should focus on this area.

Karima Malikzada

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