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NATO’s continued support raises hope for a stable Afghanistan

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Addressing NATO heads of state summit in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said US President Donald Trump’s 2017 South-Asia strategy had been a game changer, creating a window of opportunity for them to own their problems, fashion solutions, tailored to context and to design outcome-based reform progress. 
The president said a rigorous approach enabled them to increase revenue by 70 percent in three years, implement 14 of the 19 benchmarks of anti-corruption strategy and retire 535 army and police generals as part of the security sector reform in 2018. 
The president also went on saying that the intense engagement of ulema, worldwide support of Islamic scholars, especially the holy mosques of Makkah and Meddina, and the spontaneous rise of peace movement across the country showed that “the time is ripe for peace making.”
The President assured NATO member states that he and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah would not spare any effort to reach for a comprehensive and sustainable peace.  “Our 342000 all-volunteer defense and security forces have demonstrated their patriotism through daily sacrifices and are fully on course to meet the objectives of our four-year security plan,” he said.
Meanwhile NATO allies wrapped up the two-day Heads of State and Government summit in Brussels and issued a declaration pledging to continue support to Afghanistan in its quest for peace. 
In a joint statement on the declaration, NATO allies also pledged to continue funding Afghan forces through 2024.  
“We, the Heads of State and Government of the nations contributing to the Resolute Support Mission, and the President of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, met in Brussels to reaffirm our shared commitment to Afghanistan’s long-term security and stability. The people of Afghanistan demand peace and we are encouraged by the momentum building in that direction. We remain united in our commitment to help Afghanistan attain it,” the declaration read. 
Since inauguration of the national unity government, President Ghani and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah has time and again travelled to neighboring, regional and European countries as well as US to let them know of the terrorism and extremism threats and the way to fight two ugly phenomena.
The security situation is perilous in Afghanistan and more than twenty terrorist groups, including civil militant fighters, are operating actively for deteriorating the situation and creating chaos. The graph of combatant and non-combatant casualties is on rise since the militants changed the tactic of war recently and targeting the innocent mases in public places.
The resistance of Afghan security forces and their great sacrifices are appreciable in combating terrorism. The Special Forces had great achievements in recent years and changed the battles in favor of the state.
The Afghanistan’s four-year security plan is being implemented and Afghanistan will witness considerable changes in security institutions in the process of time. Moreover, the international community were said to extend technical and financial supports to air and ground forces. The Afghan leaders seek more actively than any other time to form a political consensus. 
Hence, based on measures were and being adopted in the country and the continuation of international support to Afghanistan, the outlook on security and peace is likely to be promising in near future and the country once again would witness peace, stability and development.

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