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NATO summit discusses Afghanistan’s issues

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Besides other issues, NATO defense ministers have discussed Afghanistan’s situation.
“NATO defense ministers have discussed Afghanistan’s ongoing situation and the way how to continue supporting Afghan security forces,” deputy spokesperson to NATO secretary general told media.
This comes as NATO secretary general twitted that in a meeting with US special envoy for peace Zalmay Khalilzad said NATO mission in Afghanistan would help facilitate peace conditions.
The summit held while Washington is making effort to end long-lasting Afghan war and hold peace talks with the Taliban.
Lauding international community particularly North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s support, officials of the ministry for defense stressed that Afghan security forces are not lonely capable to fight terrorism, thus, NATO’s support can pave the way for their further professionalization in this regard.
A number of experts and lawmakers while welcoming NATO’s continued cooperation stressed that Afghanistan needs firm cooperation of the international community in fighting terrorism.
“Unfortunately, fighting international terrorism is focused on a wrong geography and the strategy has somehow failed,” a political expert Haroun Mir said.
He added there is no doubt that the government of Afghanistan is not capable to fight terrorism by its own and it needs world countries’ firm will in the respect, that is why NATO has time and again stressed on equipping of the Afghan security forces.
“Seventeen years presence of foreign forces could not help ensure security across Afghanistan, besides, the world countries have not equipped the Afghan security forces as they had vowed. Thus, now, it is time that NATO pays further heed on equipping and professional training of the security forces,” a political expert Amir Mohammad said.
A number of Afghan citizens say that the international community should continue supporting and equipping of the security forces so they can lonely step up on fighting insurgency and ensure their country’s security.
Currently, NATO has over 16000 forces in Afghanistan who are operating under RS mission and engaged in training and advising of the security forces.
This is while that over the last seventeen years, NATO has spent billions of dollars, but unfortunately, still terrorism not only threatens Afghanistan but the entire region and world countries.
Suraya Raiszada

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