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NATO remains in Afghanistan till complete elimination of Taliban

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Despite the efforts of government of Afghanistan and a number of world countries for ensuring lasting peace in the country, the militants, in particular Taliban has intensified their attacks on Afghan people and government.
In his fresh tour to Germany, Secretary General of NATO has said till the opponent groupings especially Taliban not to refrain from violence, the organization will remain in Afghanistan.
The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg who left for Germany to attend in 30th anniversary of the falling down of Berlin Wall has said that Taliban are not able to defeat Afghan security forces through military means.
This authority of NATO emphatically says that the best roadmap for counterterrorism is training and supporting of security forces of Afghanistan and NATO continues its support from these forces.
He added that there are many problems and challenges in Afghanistan but, more developments are also existed that should not be ignored.
Gen. Secretary of NATO stated that now, the security and defense forces of Afghanistan are shouldering the duty that in previous years, over 100000 foreign forces were doing so. According to him it is their clear message to Taliban won’t be the winner in battlefields. So, they should accept negotiation and end war through reaching a political agreement.
At the same time, Angela Merkel the German chancellor emphasizing on political solution of ongoing war in Afghanistan and expressed her support for paving the way of intra-Afghan dialogue.
A political analyst, Amir Mohammad in the connection said that all regional countries should benefit effectively from opportunities come into being for maintaining of regional welfare and security and make effort so that to fight jointly and terrorism be eliminated.
He asserted that if the regional countries are willing to prevent the activities of terrorist groupings such as Daesh, al-Qaida and Taliban in their countries, should refrain from meddling and cut their ties with those terrorist groupings which are serious threat against security and stability of not Afghanistan but region and the world and for complete annihilation of extremist groupings expand their joint cooperation in the region and the world as a whole.
Another political witness, Mirza Mohammad Yarmand says that 18 years has been elapsed since fighting of Afghans against terrorist groupings and with passing each day our people give sacrifices. But this campaign can be effective in a time that the resource and hideouts of terrorists be dried and eliminated beyond the borders of Afghanistan, according to him. He laid emphasize the international community especially the partners of Afghanistan such as NATO now understand that neither Taliban nor other terrorist groupings want to join peace process. Because, nine-time US-Taliban negotiations brought nothing for ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan. This is in a time that so far, Afghanistan did to raise its voice in regional and world level for complete annihilation of terrorism and took practical steps in the connection.
So, the world should not leave Afghanistan alone in this field and their cooperation and support can finally resulted into maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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