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NATO, allies’ continued cooperation effective in war on terror: Experts, lawmaker

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In current NATO summit which has been held with the participation of 29 members in Brussels, the participants discuss Afghanistan peace process as well as further equipping and improving of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
The NATO authorities in Brussels said that the total budget for ANDSF in 2018 has been estimated $6b out of which $ 4.7Bto be paid by the USA, one $b by NATO allies and partners and $440m by the Afghan government itself.
At the same time a number of experts believing that NATO summit could only be effective on Afghanistan that exert strong pressure on regional countries to sincerely contribute in war on terror.
Political analyst Haroon Mir believes that if the regional countries want to prevent influence of Islamic State militants into their territories, they should put aside their connections and relations with those terror networks which are not only a serious threat to security and stability in Afghanistan but the region and the world too and develop joint regional, global cooperation for full extermination and elimination of these sinister nets. ANDSF need long term NATO support. Afghanistan needs strong NATO, world cooperation in war on terror.
Political commentator Saheb NazarMuradi said, current strategy of war and terror has been concentrated in wrong geography and therefore it has failed. “Concentration should be made on actual locations of terror cells, training centers. Certainly, the Afghan government is not alone able in this war and war on terror requires universal determination. The world knows very well that Afghanistan is a victim of terrorism.” Lawmaker Mohammad Abdoh said, since the beginning of war on terror, the Afghan government has been reiterating that terror nests located beyond Afghanistan and should be targeted. The Afghan people expect NATO to undertake practical steps on elimination of terror cells beyond Durand Line and if terrorists’ cells and their resources are not destroyed, security well not be resorted in this country. Farzanah a student of Kabul University said, continuation of US, NATO mission in Afghanistan is a dire need and the Afghans require their long term support. “Increasing deterioration of Afghanistan security situation and ISIL threat ask NATO to increase their support of ANDSF and enable them to effectively fight terrorists.” Despite of multi-billion dollars investment in war on terror and US led NATO mission, terrorism is still a potential regional, global threat.
Suraya Raiszada

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