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National unity essential for Afghans

Afghan cricket fans cheer and wave the national flag as they welcome the country's cricket team home at the Cricket Board Stadium in Kabul on March 29, 2016. Hundreds of Afghan cricket fans welcomed the national cricket team home at the airport in Kabul after their exit from the World T20 cricket tournament. / AFP / WAKIL KOHSAR

Today, the main cause of bloodshed in the Islamic world is tendency toward disputation among some Muslims, and for that same reason the Islamic world cannot establish unity on equal terms. Muslims regard one another as enemies, and just based on this distorted belief, they feel themselves justified for killing one another and shedding the blood of their brothers.

Racial, ethnic and religious differences have split nations and triggered war and violence in human societies throughout the history. Bloody wars, including the World Wars, and civil unrests have outraged human conscience root in ethnocentrism, egotism and lack of tolerance. Parochial mindsets and radical ideology breed intolerance and put the rights and liberty of a nation at stake.

Current political situation in the region and in the world obliges Afghans to use all constructive forces of society for protection of achievements of the independence, strengthening statehood, national unity, peace and stability, and ensuring extensive socio-economic development in the country.

To this end, young people of the country have to play a decisive role, being the leading and constructive force, since the future of every country and nation depends on youth. This point is particularly important for Afghanistan, as the majority of the population is composed of young people.

Every society needs a goal and a pointer to define its path of development accordingly. Such goal has to be set on the basis of history, values and sense of national identity, corresponding to the needs and existing realities of society and uniting the major layers of society around itself so to lead the people towards development and prosperity. Foundation of national unity is such an idea and uniting goal for all of the Afghan people.

Nowadays a number of officials and the social media users have been disseminating words which is totally against the spirit of the national unity. The freedom of speech which is being supported by the government is misused by some of the people that has further complicated the situation and using harsh words against each other would further pave the way for the country’s enemies to achieve their vicious goals.

Currently, Afghanistan needs national unanimity more than ever before. It is believed that there are many hands working behind the scenes to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. Afghans should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony. 

The progress of the nation in unity and understanding calls for patriotism that not only transcends the barriers of geography and community, but also focuses on the elimination of corruption in all its forms, and encourages genuine service to the people by their leaders. 

As we move forward in freedom, let us ensure the strengthening of peace and harmony to bring every success to our current and future generations who will inherit this land and the people must join in a pledge to build a future of peace, freedom and prosperity in the shining light of honesty of purpose and good governance. 

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