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National unity a must to overcome challenges


Afghanistan as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country needs to maintain peace and unity. Weak unity and continued conflicts in Afghanistan are the outcome of being divided across, ethnic tribes and various religious beliefs and geo-political lines. As a result, the nation’s unity is being woefully threatened by ethno-centralism, sentiments and religious fanaticism.
Recently there are hot discussions about the future of Afghanistan, where some media saying that US and allies working on the formation of new government, aiming to bring about peace and put end to the four decades of conflict.
Afghans better know and have bitter experiences of interim and transitional governments which all had foreign agenda. The aforesaid governments led to civil war and devastation of Afghanistan and the country’s infrastructures. Persistent insecurity, criminal activities, poverty, corruption and drug trafficking are the outcomes of such formations that Afghans are still feeling and witnessing it.
Afghanistan and the Afghan government have come a long way since 2001 and have seen enormous developments in different sectors, including women’s rights, democratic processes and governance. Therefore, it is no longer tolerable and acceptable to undermine these all achievements and establish a new government.
In a bid to bring peace in the country, the Afghan government has pardoned and released thousands of Taliban prisoners as well as suspended all offensive operations, but the group continued to kill and target innocent masses. The government’s initiative and will for peace has always been unprecedented, but one-way, since Taliban are yet to prove their intention for well-being of the people and peace and stability in the war-torn country.
Meanwhile it is of immense important to maintain unity at this juncture of time to counter foreign agendas that has never brought peace and prosperity to the country. There is only unity that can help us to ensure oneness in a multi-cultural nation like Afghanistan. Afghans of every race, gender, language and religion should love and respect and accept each other as one big family.
If we’re challenged by a problem, we must organize ourselves on a negotiating table and not to dwell in finger-pointing and wicked sentiments. If we love and admire ourselves as Afghans, peace and unity will forever thrive in our beloved homeland.
Afghan citizens must consider each other as one. Our parents at home and our teachers in school must teach the children about the importance of equality between all people. They must bring up the children in a way that they think they belong to one big family.
Taliban too, that are Afghans, should consider unity as their main priority. Working for foreigners and acting based on their demands, will never bring peace to the country, rather would further isolate and destroy Afghanistan.
Transitional and interim governments would last for a period of time, but unity and coexistence would bring forever and lasting stability and peace to the country. All parties should put aside their personal interests and focus as well as prioritize national interests.
Currently, Afghanistan needs national unanimity more than ever before. It is believed that there are many hands working behind the scenes to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. Perhaps, there are also some who make trouble the water through touching sore points or spreading propaganda in cyberspace and media just to create rift among the people. Afghan nation should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.