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National strategy planned for counter corruption in Afghanistan

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Corruption is an international phenomenon which people in all countries of the world are facing with, but based on evidence, countries facing with poverty are more suffering from corruption that can affect economic development and distracts budgets need to be spent in education, health and other sectors.
Corruption includes various acts as bribe and embezzlement. Government or political corruption occurs when a government official or employee makes use of official capacities for personal benefits. Moreover, Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies. No country, region or community is immune.
In Afghanistan, National Unity Government (NUG) is committed to rooting out corruption and has always stressed on punishment of those involved in corruption-related cases in the country. Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in his recent remarks has said that the government was committed to fighting corruption as the government has prepared and planned nationaln strategy to seriously fight the phenomenon in the country.
Meanwhile, representatives of people in parliament by welcoming steps taken by the government towards counter corruption in the past few years stress that NUG leaders should make further effort towards fighting corruption in the country so they can obtain the people’s trust.
“Although continued steps have been taken towards rooting out corruption in the country for the past few years, unfortunately Afghanistan is still among most corrupt countries in the world, but what we hope is the continued effort being made by the government in this regard,” said Hashimi, representative of people in Afghanistan parliament.
Gul Ahmad Azimi, an Afghan senator, says corruption cannot be rooted out in a moment or two but rooted if the people, national and international organizations cooperate with the government.
On the other hand, Afghan political experts believe that creation of judicial anti-corruption center, national strategy on counter corruption, overseeing the counter corruption process and necessary political support from institutions operating in counter corruption are all steps that could have put good results on somehow reduction of corruption in the country, but saying that the people of Afghanistan want serious and strong determination that should be followed the government in connection with fighting corruption in the country.
Not only the government but also parliament, civil society organizations, media and even ordinary citizens are responsible for eradication of corruption in the country as corruption is unpleasant for all; therefore anti-corruption effort is the responsibility of all.
But, in Afghanistan, corruption has negative impact on security and economic situation as well as has key role in strengthening and supporting terrorism. Integrity Watch admits that Afghanistan government has started efforts for counter corruption in the country. Leaders of national unity government has always stressed on serious political determination for rooting out corruption in the country.
Transparency and providing overseeing pavements in connection with spending sources and possibilities particularly in contracts can be other ways for counter corruption in vision of the government.
Suraya Raiszada

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