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National, regional consultation key to success of Afghan peace process

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Afghanistan has entered a qualitatively new stage in its complex political and social life. The unceasing 40-year of war has turned the once prosperous Afghanistan into a devastated country, making it one of the most backward and unsafe territories in the world.
Negotiations with the Taliban, which has now reached to its crucial stage, and a major reduction of violence which is expected to begin in coming week following a deal with US, has further brought optimism among the Afghan masses for a bright and peaceful future.
Meanwhile President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, has initiated a series of consultative meetings with different strata of the society to have them involved in the peace talks as well as establish a strong national consensus for the destiny-making process in the country.
Praising the president’s approach on peace process, a number of political experts and lawmakers believe that such meetings and consultations with political leaders, Ulama, culturists and civil society activists are good step towards increasing of coordination between the government and nation and can help accelerate peace efforts. They stressed that Afghanistan would reach lasting peace and stability if such consultative meetings and discussions were followed with different strata of the society in the country.
Since assuming office in 2014, the incumbent president has time and again initiated consultative meetings on key debated issues with people to help establish national consensus as well as has persuaded most of the regional countries to pay their serious attentions towards peace in the country and bring about regional consensus too for the stability of the whole region. According to president, the terrorists in Afghanistan today would turn regional and global threats to tomorrow. World Afghans do also believe that if insurgency not curbed and tackled, it would continue to take lives of the people in Afghanistan and across the region and world.
Considering the geographical position of Afghanistan, the country has the potential to either stabilize or destabilize the whole region and the other countries including the United States and the European countries. Afghanistan’s neighbors and global partners needed to support the country to overcome the current conflicts to ensure a stable region.
Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country and the conflicts has multiple causes, which requires all the strata of the Afghan society, and the regional actors, to have a clear vision and commitment to ensure peace and security in Afghanistan. Such an approach and commitment not only creates synergy among the national and regional countries, but do also reinforce the international commitment to the Peace Process in Afghanistan. 
Afghans have time and again delivered the message of a stable Afghanistan leads to a stable region that can enjoy peace and partnership in economic and security areas. Such a vision can ensure and mobilize the different players in the Afghan conflict to participate in this process, because it ensures the overlapping interests of the different players and envision an Afghanistan that can engage all the partners to enjoy economic and security benefits. However, it requires a strong and dynamic diplomacy and a sustainable regional, beyond regional and international engagement policy.

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