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National plantation campaign starts in Kabul

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By: The Kabul Times

Sapling plantation season is a glad tiding for advent of spring or rebirth of nature and beginning of a new page of green life for every Kabul citizen. This year’s sapling plantation starts with the slogan of “Every Afghan every day one sapling” in Kabul.
Spokesman of the MAIL Akbar Rostami said “this year’s sapling plantation started on March 10 with further coordination and as per the presidential order, for the first time, this year, the 10th of March was nominated in calendar as the national sapling plantation campaign and plantation will be taking place with strong coordination among different departments including MAIL, NEPA, Kabul Municipality etc and they would encourage people and individual bodies to take care of planted saplings.
He added, “This year, the MAIL has provided over two million ornamental nominated saplings through nurseries. Educational instantiations including MoE, MoHE, students, teachers, as well as security forces will take part in this activity. The MAIL is ready to supply essential saplings to all those government bodies who work for sapling plantation and environment protection and greenery of the country. We expect our citizens will play valuable role in the process.
The Kabul municipality has also provided over 400000 saplings, said KM spokeswoman Nasrin Mohmand adding that these saplings and trees will be planted in parks, hills, and other suitable areas. Saplings will be also distributed by Greenery Department to all urban districts.
Mohmand went on to say that beside launching of sapling plantation, Kabul Municipality has rehabilitated 28 parks in PD-5, PD-17, PD-15, PD-2, park of first Microrayon. As our priority we try to improve situation of green areas as next year we plan to establish more parks in capital Kabul.
Every year, thousands of saplings are planted in different urban districts of Kabul for improving of environment, beauty of the city and cleaning of air but unfortunately, after plantation these sapling are not properly protected, dried and destroyed.
Talking on the maintenance of saplings, Mohmand said, “Kabul Municipality is responsible for sapling protection and care but it cannot alone take care and our people should sincerely cooperate us, otherwise the planted saplings will be dried and annihilated.
It is a patriotic responsibility of every citizens to take part in sapling plantation and protection.

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