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National Museum collects Afs 300m for displaying of 231 ancient relics in 11 countries

By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghanistan ancient relics were exhibited in 11 countries between 2007-2019 and collected Afs 300m and over four million people visited them. These relics were discovered from four ancient sites before the civil conflicts.
Director of National Museum Fahim Rahimi said, holding of these exhibitions introduce a positive face of Afghanistan to other countries. These relics were displayed in France, Netherlands, Germany, US, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Australia and China in 29 museums. The relics are currently in Hong Kong and are expected to be returned to Afghanistan in few months in case of no contract with other countries. The exhibition period of these relics were according to request of the host museums and countries. Nine museums in China, four museums in US and Australia and two or three museums in other countries respectively.
Rahimi added, these relics were unearthed in Tapa Folo Baghlan province, Tela Tapa in Jawzjan province, Ai Khanom in Takhar province and an ancient site in Bagram district, Parwan province. These relics include Jewelries, architectural elements, house decoration etc that were made of Ivory, glass, gold and stone. They have a background of 5000 years discovered by Afghan and foreign archeologists in different times and fortunately were not damaged during the civil wars.
He went on to say, the most ancient relics belongs to bronze era with 5000 years background and was discovered by accident in 1966 by farmers in Baghlan province. Other relics include from Ai Khanom belong to 3rd century BC discovered between 1950-1960, relics from Bagram belong to 2nd century BC discovered in 1937-1941 and relics from Tela Tapa belong to first century AD discovered in 1978-1979.
Rahimi added, the goal behind exhibition of our ancient relics in other territories was to present the positive face of Afghanistan, because in the last four decades, the world people have been acquainted only with violent face of Afghanistan which have always been the leading news in the media. We wanted to present a better picture of Afghanistan and acquaint the world people to our glorious history and rich culture.
Out of over 3000 ancient sites in Afghanistan so far only four sites have been discovered, he concluded.

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