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National & international concerns over increasing IDPs


By: Suraya Raiszada

During recent years, the number of internally displaced people have unprecedentedly increased due to insecurities, continued war and natural disasters and the number is increasing day by day; therefore, national and international organizations are concerning over condition of IDPs in the country.
A number of families who have been displaced from Helmand due to continued clashes between Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Taliban fighters are living in worse condition of daily life as they are facing with various problems.
“I’m living here under a tent with my six children.
The weather is very cold and there is nothing to warm the tent and no work to make a living; therefore, we’re all facing with serious problems,” said Janat Bibi, a 50-year old woman, who has been displaced recently from Helmand.
She added that unfortunately the continued fighting in Helmand has made us leave the province for Kabul, but here live was difficult as the weather was cold most of her children have got sick.
Aktar Mohammad, a real resident of Parwan but living now in Kart-e-Naw, has been recently displaced due to floods as he has lost all his properties in recent floods in the province.
According to Akhtar Mohammad, It is not known how many families have been displaced from Parwan due to recent floods in the province.
“It will be very difficult to live in cold weather of winter in Kabul as I am the father of eight children and very challenging to make a living; therefore, I’m asking the government particularly international welfare organizations to address problems and challenges facing IDPs in the country,” Aktar Mohammad said.
Meanwhile, the United Nations in its recent report by expressing concern over increasing number of IDPs in Afghanistan has said the total number of internally displaced people in the country has reached 1.4 million since 2012.
Based on UN tolls, more than 5,000 families consisting nearly 40,000 people have been displaced from Nahr-e-Seraj, Nawa, Nadali and outskirts of Lashkargah, the provincial capital of Helmand, in the past two weeks.
The report has said that continued insecurities and war as well as increasing poverty have caused that millions of Afghans are displaced from their home provinces or have not been able to return their home areas.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan ministry of refugees and repatriates also by expressing concern over increasing internally displaced people in the country says the ministry in close cooperation with international welfare organizations are working to address challenges facing IDPs in the country.
According to officials of the respective ministry, currently internally displaced families need serious and urgent assistance such as winter clothes, blankets, fuel and first aid which will be soon provided.
Afghan political experts believe that Afghans have once again turned to migrate due to deterioration of security situation, increasing suicide attacks and explosions and continued clashes between ANDSF and Taliban fighters. They are asking the government to find a way for solution of ongoing disputes or provide better security to Afghan citizens so that they can live without any security problems and challenges.

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