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National interests should be considered during electoral campaigns

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By: The Kabul Times

Beginning from July 28th, two months has been considered for electoral campaigns of 1398 presidency, each one of 18 presidential candidates refers to public opinion in this period and share the public opinion through various ways with their programs and policies.
Every candidate tries to attract the attention of voters to their personality, capabilities, policy and programs, so that the latters with complete comprehension about their programs and policies to vote in favor of their choice.
Paying heed in the course of this electoral campaigns is a must.
This means that in this process, every candidate should prefer national interests comparing anything.
At the same time, the candidates should consider the contents of bill of electoral campaigns of independent election commission and in any step, they should consider national interests as well.
Focusing to national unity and cohesion of the people of Afghanistan is important part of high national interests of Afghanistan.
It is necessary every nominee of presidential election compel the members of the office of electoral campaigns as well as their colleagues that in no way , doesn’t permit them to harm the unity of the people of Afghanistan and don’t embolden the tribal, lingual, religious and traditional rifts.
Also it is necessary that every candidate of presidential elections should make effort to offer a solution of rescuing from present problems our people are grappling with and should present effective and practical programs for the solution of problems so that when people vote, in fact, their vote is to the candidates’ programs.
Instead of considering the candidates tribe, language and religion, we should consider their programs.
Based on constitution of the country, all citizens of Afghanistan are Afghan and no one is better than other. Believing in discrimination is in contradiction with constitution of the country.
In present situation, one of the issues that has close link with national interests is ending of war and violence in the country.
Every candidate should present certain consideration in the connection and addressing the citizens should say that what solution you have for ending of war and violence in the country.
If the current negotiations bear nothing, what is their roadmap for ending of war and violence in the country?
The solution of economic challenges is also enjoying from high importance. Every candidate should have program for rescuing from this problem.
The candidates realistically and considering possibilities available and status quo of the country should present their programs and refrain from fanciful promises.
It would be better theses roadmaps and programs be literally so that the media and eye witnesses to discuss about.
In national level, a positive discussion to be held and help national opinion to make decision freely for giving vote in favour of their choice and vote for those who have vast programs for the country.

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