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Nakamura; symbol of humanism, devotion

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The assassination of Tetsu Nakamura has shocked the collective consciences. Terror of this Japanese born Afghan citizen created collective mourning across the country. This event once again showed that all Afghan citizens praise their servants but hate those who want to impose their ideas forcefully upon them.
Nakamura had no political or ideological agenda and due to this reason, he couldn’t have a personal enemy. He was terrorized by those who have enmity with the principle of progress in Afghanistan. All efforts of this Japanese born Afghan citizen was to provide a better life for inhabitants of eastern villages. He had exploited his knowledge and experience with day and night activities and perspiration to change desserts to gardens, create arable fields and sow plants in order to increase access of villagers to the food.
Nakamura knew that the biggest problem of his second homeland Afghanistan for whom he had devoted himself, were starvation and poverty. He had been making effort to fight poverty, starvation and disease in this territory. Salvation of people of this land was his only anxiety and he had been working in this direction to show that despite of being a financier and planner, he was working like an ordinary worker.
Nakamura was the pattern of devotion, hardworking, humanism and progression. The inhabitants of eastern villages of Afghanistan had been gratitude him during his life. At their suggestion the Afghan government had granted him honorary citizenship of Afghanistan. Granting of honorary nationality to him was the least step the government took to express gratitude for all his efforts.
Nakamura has a big right laden on the shoulder of this land. He is deserving that the government name after him a public place in Kabul, Jalalabad or in another city. He deserves that in praising of his efforts, his sculpture be installed in one of the roundabouts of Jalalabad, so all would remember him and be inspired.
To keep alive the memory of Nakamura and colleagues, a film should be screened or a theatre be performed. The relevant bodies should pave the way that someone would be writing biography of this unique person. Nakamura activities and efforts indicate that all Afghan nationals are indebted to him.
All essential measures should be adopted to eternalize the name of Nakamura in the history of Afghanistan progression, civil activity, and war on poverty and starvation. The ministries of Agriculture, information and culture and their relevant provincial branches should plan and implement specific programs. All of us should show that the Afghan people praise their real servants and consider them part of their spiritual and cultural assets.
If security bodies failed and procrastinated to provide his security, other bodies should compensate to keep his name and memory alive. Naming of one of the public places in Kabul and Jalalabad after his name is a public demand and the government should give a positive response to it. He was servant of this land’s people and deserves that his name be put on one of the public places.
Nakamura must be alive in historical memory of future generations. Most pages of schools’ history textbooks have been filled with names of rulers and their sons who have no spared from any efforts for salvation of people of this land. No doubt Nakamura has more right than them and the future generations should also know him.
In future, the Ministry of Education should include the biography of his life and activity in schools’ curriculum. The story of life and terror of Nakamura could be a lesson and advise for Afghan politicians who claim leadership of society.
Collective reaction to merciless and brutal terror of Nakamura has shown that the Afghan people praise their real servants and don’t forget them. Nakamura is deserving to have eternal presence in our historical and cultural memory.

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