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Municipality launches new bus services in Kabul city


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Kabul’s public bus service took to the road officially on Thursday when the new bus services was inaugurated by the city’s mayor Daoud Sultanzoy.
The bus service was launched for the Kart-e-Naw routes and Ahmad Shah Baba Mina in eastern parts of Kabul.
“Protecting and caring for these resources, which is one of the national assets; the service is for all citizens,” Sultanzoy said.
According to the municipality 200 buses will eventually operate in the city along 16 routes of Kabul. However only five buses are initially in service.
The mayor of Kabul said that these buses are from an American company called A&C Bus Corporation, which will be rented according to a standard system and each bus has the capacity to carry 30 passengers at a time.
These buses provide services through five terminals and 264 bus stops on different routes. This will help create urban order and convenience for city residents, municipality officials said.
In 2019 the Kabul Municipality built 264 bus stops at a cost of millions of Afghanis in an effort to reduce traffic jams in the capital.
At the time Narges Mohmand, the Spokesperson of Kabul Municipality told Ariana News that they were waiting for the Ministry of Transport to allow buses to operate in the City.
“We have built bus stations to resolve the problems of Kabul residents and we hope they are going to be used effectively,”
At the time an official from the Ministry of Transport said that around 1,500 buses will start their operations in Kabul City in the near future.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.