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Muhammad (PBUH); the emergency of a still shining light


By: Massouda Qarizada

Milad-ul-Nabi, or the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH), is celebrated by Muslims in most parts of the world.
The third month of the Muslim calendar, has been said to be tended as the birthday of the great leader of Islam and the last messenger of Allah, the Almighty and the founder of Islam as a true and real religion, as well as the proclaimer of the Holy Quran, to be observed as a public holiday in many of the world countries, with large Muslim population.
Both Shia and Sunni Muslims celebrate the day, but the first on the 17th while the later marking the whole month, but with special ceremonies starting from 12 Rabi ul Awal, (varying each year with the Gregorian calendar) however, some Muslims like Salafi communities mostly having root in the Arab countries are not celebrating the day.
While the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad happening, the sky of Makka started becoming starry, also the immediate collapse of Kasra Palace, extinguishment of the Persian fireplace and other unusual events during the birthday of the last messenger of Allah, was the symptoms of the holy prophet birth.
People, including Sunni and Shia Muslims, in Afghanistan beautify their houses and exchange gifts as well as wear new clothing and go to their friends and neighbors’ houses, during the Milad al-Nabi.
The prophet Muhammad was very tolerant and resisted against tortures and abuse of the enemy of Islam, but didn’t give up Dawa (invitation to the holy religion of Islam).
Milad al-Nabi is purely a religious festival and is marked as a public holiday in our country, where the government leaders and officials, at public gatherings speaks about the sirat and behaviors of the holy prophet (pbuh) and households, recite the holy Quran for the Allah Almighty to bless them and their children.
He was never doing something to show that he was making pretense as he himself said: “I and my followers are naive and far from uneasiness.”
The prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, gave his followers the lessen of liberality, generosity and tolerance.
His preaching of the Quran, which Allah Almighty revealed to him, established one of the world’s great religions, Islam.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.