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Much efforts needed to crackdown crime in Kabul

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The Kabul police has announced that the level of crimes has reduced by 10 percent in recent month in Kabul. Quoting Kabul Police spokesman, the media have reported that ninety cases of crimes have been registered in this month with Kabul Police while in similar cases in previous months, it was one hundred cases.
Kabul Police spokesman believes the reduction took place due to arrest of criminals involved in robbery, injuring, weapon smuggling…etc by police in different areas of the capital city.
This is good news, but not sufficient and never adaptable with public opinion of capital inhabitants and dominating situation on their life. The capital inhabitants have always been complaining about increasing crimes in their capital city. In believe of Kabul people, many crimes happen in their city, remain secret from the police eye.
People claim that in many cases police fails to identify and arrest criminals or register crimes. Crimes including night robberies, car or houses theft, weapons and drugs smuggling and other hideous illegal actions have never reduced and are at previous level.
Citizens expect Kabul Police to achieve further good results against criminals. If police cannot make zero the level of crimes which is impossible, at least it should be minimized and managed to prevent ordinary or organized crimes and reduce them to lowest possible level.
Capital inhabitants dream a day in which Kabul Police would manage and succeed to restrict criminals’ opportunities and prevent them to commit crimes or implement their nasty goals. According to people, police should collect illegal weapons and identify illegal vehicles and stop and confiscate them.
Criminals who are involved in illegal actions should be identified and arrested and Kabul Police should react seriously and strongly against individuals and criminal groups who are involved in kidnapping and smuggling of weapons and drugs.
People support police in this direction and cooperate them. People message to Kabul Police is that there is no difference between terrorists and criminals. Both disturb people’s peaceful life, kill them and target their security. Both make hostility with our people.
People believe that the result of those criminal actions are in no case less than terror attacks. These actions target the people security and stability and tranquility, face them with problems and help weakening of system, damage the people trust to system, create gap between people and government and make people pessimist against it.
Crime is one of the social issues which is of constant importance in our society. One may not wonder why the crime is considered important in our society, because the aim of society is to help the citizens to optimize the fulfilment of their lives, and if crime is widespread, or even exists in the society, then is a strong indication that this is not happening in the concerned society.

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