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MPs should do more to win people’s trust

Mir Rahman Rahmani

The deadlock for election of the house speaker was broken and finally an MP from Parwan province, Mir Rahman Rahmani, selected as the new house speaker.
This is indeed a step forward, as the house could not hold official session due to disputes on the speakers’ selection. A number of lawmakers failed to show civilized behavior that lawmakers are required and created problems. But on Saturday, Rahmani’s rival Khan Mohammad Wardak displayed his high morale and democratic characteristic. He made a civilized and democratic gesture, accepted the result and accompanied Rahmani to the position of the house speaker. This gesture of Mr. Wardak indicates his high temper and morale virtue.
Whenever the house was deadlocked, most people were concerned that paralyzing of the house due to controversial election of the speakers would have negative impacts on preparation for presidential elections and its possible results. But the lawmakers managed yesterday to pass over the barrier of speaker’s election.
Now following settlement of the house speaker’s election problem, other members of the house administrative body should be elected as soon as possible. Otherwise in absence of the administrative body, a capable house would fail to appear. Completion of the body is also not the end of the work. Heads of the house internal commissions should also be elected. Until the end of all these steps, the house cannot start its operation.
The lawmakers have wasted two months and beside wasting of time, accusations including bribery have also damaged the image of lawmakers. The house must embark on such a path to passover the problem of the administrative body election and heads of commissions and deal with its main jobs.
Two months deadlock had fed up the people and diplomats from donor countries told frankly the media that a number of lawmakers victimize blood of ANA soldiers and Afghan people interests for their private motives. This private motive caused the house to be taken hostage. If in upcoming days this private incentive be as the only criterion for the lawmakers, completion of the administrative body looks difficult.
Private incentive in current house is the effect of lack of party discipline. In a parliament which is not dominated by party discipline and political parties don’t control the lawmakers, corruption cannot be prevented. Whenever the lawmakers are not accountable to nobody, and no organization supervise their activities, it would be changed to source of financial and administrative corruption.
Unfortunately, essential opportunities were not provided to political parties to take over administration of the house and play a role in parliamentary elections. Whenever there are no party parliamentary elections, it’s clear that party discipline would not be dominating the house.
A number of people imagined that if parliamentary elections were party election and other traditional forces would have been the forerunners, but this is not convincing more. If the parliamentary elections were party led elections, all prodemocratic values’ forces and liberal had to set up their own organization and avoid disunity.
But in absence of party order in parliament, parties are changed to extra structures and even the political party leaders became disbelieve to continuation of organizational work. This defeat should be compensated, and parties should appear in the field of parliamentary elections for competition.
But current lawmakers, should also know that in five years there would be other elections and they need to gain the citizens’ trust and confidence and without people trust and confidence, the deputies don’t manage to perform their jobs.

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