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MPs hope consultative board bring peace in Afghanistan

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Following efforts made in national and international level for maintaining peace in the country, Afghanistan National Unity Government (NUG) has declared that a consultative board would be soon created in national level to accelerate peace efforts.
According to government officials, creation of the consultative board is aimed to include representatives of all provinces of the country in peace process as peace can happen in bright environment.
“Peace is a national process and it was needed that a consultative board with membership of various classes of our society is created,” said deputy spokesperson to president Shah Hussain Murtazavi. He added that the board would be formed within three days and would be tasked to cooperate with the government’s technical team working for peace in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts believe that the board can be a good opportunity for reaching peace in the country.
“The government’s plan for formation a consultative board of peace is a step that can question works of High Peace Council (HPC). Instead of creating the consultative board of peace, the government should support HPC,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert.
Another Afghan political expert Akram Andishmand by praising the government for its step towards continued efforts towards maintaining peace in the country said: “Undoubtedly any steps taken for bringing peace to the country are appreciable, but one thing that all should know is the interference of foreign countries in the peace process.
On the other hand, Lower House of Afghanistan parliament by criticizing High peace Council for its works say creating a consultative board of peace is a good step only if the board follows peace programs and goals.
They stressed that since its establishment, HPC has not worked effectively to pave the way for peace talks between the government and armed insurgent group; therefore, the consultative board of peace should complete the incomplete work of HPC.
Afghan women rights and civil society organizations have asked the government to include representatives of women in the board as women could play constructive role in peace process.
“Unfortunately role and presence of Afghan women are not considerable in most of national processes, while no process can be successful without presence of women,” said Safia Hamnawa, an Afghan women activist.
Criticizing inconsiderable presence of Afghan women in national and international processes, Hamnawa added that there were few women in HPC, but women rights and civil society organizations hoped the increase of the number of women in the new consultative board of peace as efforts in the field of peace can be constructive and beneficial.
It is worth mentioning that since the establishment of High Peace Council, efforts of the council not have not been able to pave the way for peace negotiations between the government and Taliban group.
Suraya Raiszada

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