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MoWA supporting Afghan women’s position & achievements

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By: Masouda Qarizada

8 March coinciding with International Women Day is commemorated across the world. Minister of Women’s Affairs Delbar Nazari in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent by pointing to achievements of Afghan women and works of the ministry of women affairs in the past 19 years said the ministry has done lots of works in various sections.
“We’ve reviewed laws on rights of women as well as procedures and regulations on women considered by the ministry. Meanwhile, we’ve done a lot of works in connection with reduction of violence against women in the country. For example, we’ve had awareness programs for women in 24 provinces as well as districts centers,” Mrs. Nazari said, adding that currently the ministry was working on empowerment of women.
According to minister of women affairs, the ministry has held symposiums to review problems of Afghan women and share them with relevant institutions to address them.
Besides, the ministry of women affairs has launched home to home advocacy drive across the country to help increase the number of girls in schools, Mrs. Nazari stressed, adding that the ministry has also reviewed the education curriculum prepared by the ministry of education.
Pointing to empowerment of Afghan women, minister of women affairs said: “For empowerment of women, we usually hold exhibitions where women can display their home-made and handicrafts products in the exhibitions held during national and international days as there are 22 women gardens where women sell their handicrafts products in shops organized for women in the gardens”.
Minister of women affairs said that the minister had 27 women support centers or shelters where women can live for their safety, adding the centers have been established for affected women and they could stay there until their cases were addressed.
“We provide education, accommodation and food for the affected women in the respective women shelters or centers supported by national and international organizations and monitored by the ministry of women affairs,” Mrs. Nazari added.
Pointing to Afghanistan peace process, minister of women affairs said peace process was a national process as Afghan women wanted peace in the country.
“From start of the peace process, we’ve held a very big consensus led by the country’s First Lady to collect visions of Afghan women,” Mrs. Nazari said, adding that in a meeting which will be held in Indonesia in near future, it will be stressed that Afghan women should have a particular position in ongoing peace process. Minister of women affairs Delbar Nazari further said that the ministry has always supported the Afghan women’s position not to lose the past 19 years achievements as Afghan women did not want to go back to experience the dark moments of the Taliban regime. “During the five years of the Taliban regime, Afghan women had no right to get education and work, while their presence in government institutions has reached to 27 percent, which is unprecedented,” Mrs. Nazari added. With its tradition and conservative society, Afghanistan is facing with various challenges such as continued war and lack of family support from women who want peace with protection of their rights and developments.

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