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Mother’s Day; increasing challenges facing Afghan mothers

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By: Lailuma Noori

24 Jawza, coinciding with 14 June, is marked as Mother Day in Afghanistan. Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world.
With a slogan it could be expressed that “Paradise is under the feet of the mother”, showing spiritually the value of the mother and is manifested in her pure love for her children. Mother’s love for her children is not seen at any relationship. It is said that the first and foremost teacher in human’s life is the mother.
A mother who devotes all her time to teaching her children by giving up her desires deserves a lot of appreciation and respect, but can you try to celebrate this day with a bouquet of flowers or a gift?
We need to fulfill our responsibility and duty by respecting and honoring our mothers who are always thinking of feeding their children properly.
Our society is facing with lots of problems harming mostly the Afghan mothers. Continued killing and bloodshed have seriously suffered all mothers of this land. What is true is that mothers are more enduring the increased pains of their sons and daughters of the country comparing to others.
There are many mothers with no men at their families have taken care of their families and stood like a strong mountain in the face of adversity and pains. Undoubtedly, every person living in this land should be indebted to the mothers of this homeland as they have endured continued hardships in the war-torn country.
Mothers, who are considered as the most vulnerable part of the continued insecurity in Afghanistan, have only the desire to live in peace and tranquility. In their vision, when this dream of mothers come true, all other problems will be resolved in this country.
Unfortunately, in our country, the mother burns and suffers lots of problem. Mothers are waiting to see their children living in a peaceful environment. In our country, mothers are facing with lots of problems comparing to mothers in developed countries of the world.
For example, Afghan mothers particularly those living in remote areas of the country have no access to quality healthcare services. Most mothers lose their life due to lack of quality maternity hospitals. Besides, increasing insecurities is another reason of maternal mortality in remote areas of the country.
Besides, Afghan mothers are facing with increasing family violence as violence against women has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic not only in Afghanistan but the whole world. Afghanistan is marking the Mother’s Day amid of increasing challenges as poverty, illiteracy, violence and unemployment facing the people of Afghanistan particularly mothers.

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