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Most of US aids to Afghanistan wasted

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By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: At the 22nd meeting of the Joint Oversight and Consistency Board, the Joint Work Group of the Civil Society, has shared its finding about the government accountability to the nation and the international community, with media, here in Kabul, the other day.
A member of the Afghanistan Transparency Watch, Naser Timuri said most of the US aids to Afghanistan has not been used properly.
“The US has assisted up to $120 billion to Afghanistan, but most of them has been wasted or misused. Either the amount was spent without the Afghan government consultation or went to the pocket of the corrupt officials,” Naseri told the meeting.
Meanwhile, the country’s president in a meeting thanked the international community assistances to Afghanistan and said the government was committed to accountability to the nation and the international community.
Holding a good example of accountability was a good election, which is expected to be held in the near future, said the president. “We are committed to accountability and assure about it.”
Some political analysts blame the organs concerned for failing to properly use the huge amount of foreign aids to Afghanistan.
“If the millions of dollars poured to Afghanistan, since the last 18 years, were used properly in uplift projects and building the country’s infrastructures, then the country would witness basic and positive changes and positive change would come in the people live,” Shir Ali Tarzi told the Kabul Times.
He said Afghanistan, since 2001, was one of the international community’s aid recipient countries, but ‘unfortunately most of the aids have not been properly used or wasted.’ “Most of the aids from 2001 to 2019 have been wasted or not properly used.”
He asked the government to strengthen the country’s economic infrastructure.
According to him, the government should invest on the country’s mining and no longer allow the international community’s aids misused, as according to him, Afghanistan’s underground treasures are estimated from one to 3 billion US dollar.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.