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Moscow meeting to ease govt., Taliban negotiations

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In this sensitive juncture of time the National Unity Government (NUG) should further utilize from present situation and promote a policy that should not have susceptibility for regional and world nations as well as cause further coordination. Because peace with Taliban should include all Afghanistan and execute with international guarantee so that the war be terminated and durable peace be ensured in our country.
Durable peace be maintained in a time in Afghanistan that all political parties inside of the country and all the regional and world nations know that their interests are ensured in this process.
Some times before, the Russian special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov has proclaimed that the Moscow meeting about peace in Afghanistan would be held in 1st day of Nov, 2018, but this meeting postponed.
It is said that the reason behind this postponement was non preparation of national unity government and the changes occurred by Russian government in connection with meeting with Taliban.
Multi-lateral meetings of peace of Afghanistan was held last Friday in Moscow with participation of representative of Taliban grouping and High Peace Council of Afghanistan.
This is for the first time that the Taliban delegation attended officially in Moscow meeting.
This is in a time that the government of Afghanistan had no official presence in this meeting but as an independent institution, the representative of high peace council of Afghanistan has attended in it.
This delegation was composing of Haji Din Mohammad along with three other members of the council, head of political office of Taliban in Qatar, Abbas Stanekzai and head of five-member delegation of Taliban had presence in second meeting of Moscow with mediation of Russia.
Foreign minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov said that one of important goals of this meeting was creation of a suitable condition for beginning of direct negotiation between government of Afghanistan and Taliban as well as representatives of various political parties and movements. Because, international terrorism is a threat before all countries. One of the targets of this threat is Afghanistan, that the terrorist groupings and at the head Daesh with its foreign supporters are active in it.
With supporting from overseas, Daesh is adopting some measures to change Afghanistan into a hub of terrorism and from there to expand its terrorist operations towards central Asian and regional nations.
Foreign minister of Russia mentioned about threat of Daesh and narcotics to Afghanistan and regional countries and added that counterterrorism demands joint cooperation of all countries of the world.
After assertions of Russian foreign minister, the Moscow meeting was continued behind closed doors.
After meeting, Taliban in briefing with media proclaimed that till complete withdrawal of foreign froes, they would not meet with government of Afghanistan.
In briefing with a number of Russian journalists, Stanekzai said that in their meetings, the US representatives always spoke about withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan. So, till the foreign troops not to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, we would continue our fighting.
In connection with possible negotiation with political parties, Stanekzai said that they have contacts and relations with some political parties and strata of the society and are ready to negotiate with them.
Head of high peace council Haji Din Mohammad proclaimed that with ensuring peace in Afghanistan, the foreign forces would withdraw from the county.
The High Peace Council of Afghanistan regarded the Moscow meeting as an important step towards beginning official peace negotiations with Taliban.
The spokesperson of this council, Ihsan Taheri said that the pivotal agenda of Moscow meeting was fixing of date for official meeting between the two sides.
All countries supported from soon beginning of negotiations owned and led by Afghans and expressed they are ready to help in the connection.
Taheri regarded Moscow meeting as a greatest achievement for renewal of world countries’ support from peace process of Afghanistan and hoped the exact date for beginning of negotiations be cleared.
Simultaneous with beginning of Moscow meeting on peace, minister of foreign affairs of Afghanistan warned that Taliban should not make instrumental use the Moscow meeting.
At the same time, the regional countries and those who attend in this meeting cooperate to accelerate the peace process and beginning of direct and tit-for tat meeting between government and Taliban and once more renewed their commitments for cooperation.
Likewise, for further coordination, it is said that the peace process that is promoting be led by Afghans along with government of Afghanistan.
The spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan says that understanding which was taken place between us and Russia aimed this meeting should pave the way for direct meeting of Taliban and government of Afghanistan and we didn’t deviate from those principles and decisions made in Tashkent session and Kabul peace process.
The assertions made by head of Taliban delegation indicate that they have neither any determination for maintaining peace in the country nor have no permission.
Does this group guarantee ending of war in Afghanistan with complete withdrawal of international cooperative military troops from Afghanistan? Do they authorize to express these assertions?
The time proves the experience of such bargainings that the life sample of it is joining of his excellency, Hekmatyar to peace process of Afghanistan.
Majority of our people were believing with joining of Hekmatyar to peace process, 80 percent of war would be changed into peace in Afghanistan.
But, when they engaged in political life among government and people, despite welcoming by majority of people from this process but what was the expectation of people that was maintaining of peace and stability was not addressed.
Now also if Taliban join peace process, the alternative for war would be Daesh and under the umbrella and support of some Arab countries and important from all by financial supporting of ISI, the terrorist activities would continue in all parts of Afghanistan.
So, Taliban should know the intelligence service of region in every time and according to ground reality can use other alternative for destruction of our country and continuation of fratricide war.
So, it is better to be united and through democratic process we gain what we want.
With doing so, there would be no need for existence of foreign forces in our country and they would leave Afghanistan when our people want.
Baktash Shaibani

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