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Moscow meeting hoped to restart peace talks

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As efforts are underway in national and international level for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan, it is determined that Moscow will host a meeting on Afghanistan peace.
According to officials for Afghanistan foreign affairs ministry, a delegation from Afghanistan has left for Moscow to further discuss regarding the meeting determined to be held on Afghanistan peace in near future.
“Each meeting which is held for maintaining peace in Afghanistan is undoubtedly welcomed by Afghanistan government,” a spokesperson to ministry of foreign affairs said, but giving no further details regarding Moscow meeting.
Previously, officials of the respective ministry had said that decision would be made in connection with time and schedule of the meeting if negotiating delegation from Afghanistan agreed with Russia.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) says Moscow meeting can be a good start for peace talks and they are hopeful for results of the meeting.
“Russia, which is a powerful country in the region and taking a step today for maintaining peace in Afghanistan, should hear the voice of the people, government and HPC of Afghanistan as leading of the peace process,” a spokesperson to HPC Mohammad IhsanTahiri said.
Although no further details regarding talks between delegations of Kabul and Moscow have been shared with media, HPC is optimistic over results of the meeting.
Moscow meeting was supposed to be held in September 4, but a few days before the meeting, Kabul refused to participate in the meeting. 
Recently, Kabul confirmed it will attend the meeting that will be co-chaired by Afghanistan and Russia. 
Afghan political experts believe that no efforts will give results until warring sides in Afghanistan dispute do not show tendency for understanding and peace talks.
“Undoubtedly Afghans further want peace than any other nations in the world; therefore, any voices and meetings that can bring peace and stability to their country are welcomed and supported, but they want peace in which all achievements gained during the past 17 years should be protected,” an Afghan political expert ZubairShafiqi said.
Pointing to role of neighboring countries in Afghanistan peace process, Shafiqi added Afghanistan would undoubtedly reach lasting peace and stability if neighboring countries in particular Pakistan were honestly cooperating in peace process.
Another Afghan political expert Amir Mohammad believes it is an obvious fact that peace and stability are a principal desire of Afghanistan people, but why peace efforts usually end with no positive result- the issue which should be discussed in regional and international level.
On the other hand, Afghans believe that peace can be maintained in Afghanistan only if foreign interferences are cut in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
It is worth mentioning that various meetings and conferences have been held on Afghanistan peace in national and international level, but no efforts have brought peace to the war-torn country.
Suraya Raiszada

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