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More troops to be deployed in Afghanistan to ensure world security, NATO

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NATO member states have recently declared they would dispatch more troops to Afghanistan to ensure global security.
Additional forces from four countries of Poland, Czech, Hungary and Slovakia are expected to be sent to Afghanistan, NATO said.
Giving no details on number of these forces, but the organization stresses that the forces are currently being trained in NATO headquarter, after which they will deploy in Afghanistan.
Over the last more than one and half a decade, NATO member states have proven that they are effective partners to do joint security mission, Poland Prime Minister said.
“EU’s security has not been good this year, thus, NATO member countries should bolster their activities,” Hungary Prime Minister said.
He hoped NATO forces can ensure Europe’s security through Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, a number of military experts called presence of NATO forces in Afghanistan effective in training and supporting their Afghan counterparts.
There is no doubt that NATO forces have done much in terms of security, development, economic cooperation and training of the Afghan security forces, therefore, their presence in Afghanistan is a must, a veteran Jawid Kohistani said.
Earlier, lauding honest fighting of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) against terrorism, UN Secretary General said we were witnessed of their capabilities, a move which shows the country’s firm leadership in terms of military and politics.
He also assured of NATO’s long-term support to develop Afghanistan particularly the ANDSF.
Calling European countries particularly NATO member states’ role effective in peace talks and training the Afghan security forces, the government of Afghanistan thanked them for their support in all fields.
NATO member countries particularly the US have recently said that Afghanistan needs intra-Afghani peace and they are making effort to pave the way for talks between the government and Taliban.
Lower house of the parliament says that it will be key if NATO dispatches more troops to Afghanistan, but on a condition that the government can take part in peace negotiations.
NATO and US should further focus on professional training and equipping of ANDSF, because, currently Afghanistan is facing serious threats by different insurgent groups operational in the region, an expert Mohammad Zaman said.
This is while that seventeen years have been passed since presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately, due to high threats of government armed insurgents, still terrorism not only threatens Afghanistan but the entire regional and world countries.
Suraya Raiszada

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