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More than 800 hearing meetings of govt. officials coordinated with National Assembly: Minister

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Ghulam Farooq Wardak, State Minister for the Parliamentary Affairs attending “State Accountability Program to the Nation” conference at GMIC on Thursday, added: During the past year, this ministry has provided a total of 429 reports on the daily operations and activities of the National Assembly and their meetings with the top officials of the government and judiciary to the President, and the President has issued special guidance on 37 occasions which had noticeable results.
National Assembly in total has 9 legislative documents, 20 international documents and three budget documents which are approved by the cabinet in 1398 and this ministry has followed the approval procedure to President’s signing phase, he added.
State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs has coordinated and organized a total of 821 hearing and Q/A of official meetings in both National Assembly meetings and 3800 invitations for both National Assembly sessions, according to him.
Moreover, this ministry has coordinated the opportunities of 12279 visits of senior government officials with the both National Assembly members of which 9976 visits were with the members of Wolosi-Jirga and 2303 others were with the members of Meshrano-Jirga, he noted.
According to the minister, 33514 Proposals, Complaints, and Suggestions of the Clients were submitted to the members of the National Assembly in 1398 and the government departments’ inquiries about it were followed up by the State Ministry for the Parliamentary Affairs.
“A total of 133 legislative and international documents, including the National Budget Document, have been submitted to National Assembly committees during the 1398, which have been pursued by State Department experts in Parliamentary Affairs to expedite the process.” The State Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, in order to comply with the principle of information and enforcement of the Right to Access to Information law in 1398, has carried out its activities and related issues through conducting interviews with the media, publishing “Rabeta” magazine and preparing investigative writings from the current periods of Parliament which exists, the minister concluded

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