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More than 60000 students enrolled in state universities: MoHE


In entrance exam of 1397 solar year, from more than 150000 students, about 60000 of them found their way to government higher institutions.
In connection with announcement of the result of university entrance examination (Kankur) of 1397, Minister of Higher Education, Najibullah Khwaja Omeri told The Kabul Times reporter that from among 158589 graduates of high schools who were attended in entrance examination of 1397, 60051 students did to pass successfully the exam and qualified for state universities’ different faculties, which 31.5 percent of them are girls.
Omari added that from among all those who attended in the exam, 12489 students entered in semi-higher education and 66803 othersqualifiedforprivate higher education and government semi higher educationinstitutions, while19337 students were failed.
Giving glad-tiding to those who got from one to five grade, Minister Khwaja Omari added that these students to be eased with higher education opportunities in overseas.
He continued that in this exam, the lowest number for higher education institutions was 150 and for semi-higher education 140 points.
Congratulating those students who passed successfully the exam, minister of higher education said to encourage elites of the process, those who gained from one to five grades, the scholarships which would be given to the government of Afghanistan would be granted to abovementioned students.
Minister of higher education asserted that Tahmina daughter of Abdul Sabour a graduate from Afghan Turk high school from Kabul province, with 353 score topped the exam and admitted in curative ward of Kabul Medical University.
Likewise, Emaduddin son of Abdul Qaher resident of Herat province with 348.2 score placed in second position, Mukhtar s/o Khadem from Bamyan province, with gaining 348.2 in third position, Mohammad Hadi s/o Dost Mohammad from Herat province with gaining of 348 scoreplaced in fourth position and Safdar s/o Mohammad Naim from Bamyan gained the fifth position in this examination.
This is in a time that the current year entrance examination began in Hamal 5th of current solar year and ended in Assad 4th.
According to in chargesof the ministry of higher education, this examination held in 38 zones countrywide.
Minister of Higher Education says that in this process 50 cases of fraud have been registered that all of them were investigated.
Calling as transparent the process,the authorities of ministry of higher education saying that the process was transparent, and the cases of fraud were meagre comparing previous years.
One of participants in entrance examination of 1397 solar year, Safia in connection with launching of entrance exam, said that despite gaining good point, she introduced to semi-higher education. She added that the ministry of higher education told me to select one of private semi-higher institutions so that to be introduced.
She continued, I expect from government to prepare the ground for those youth who failed to enter in government higher institutions so that to be enrolled in other universities free of charge.

Another youth, Tareq who didn’t enter in his desired faculty, says that unfortunately, great number of youth like him were failed to enter into higher education institution. It is a tragedy and make youth distrust to their future.
He added that hewas belonging to a poor family and have no capability to continue his higher education in private higher institutions, so the government should support such youth. This is in a time that annually, because of failing to join higher education institutions, after passing entrance exam, they would join in the row of discontented people.
Masouda Qarizada

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