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More than 2,000 local, int’l NGOs registered in 1398: Official


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Deputy Minister of Technical Affairs of Ministry of Economy Ahmed Mohammed Ismail Rahimi, who spoke to media in State Accountability Program to the Nation at the Government Media and Information Center on Sunday said the National Sustainable Development Goals document has been approved, the first economic growth model has been prepared, the production-oriented multi-purpose economic growth strategy, the national population policy draft and its action plan have been formulated.
He added that the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance in 1398 has been able to review, analyze and evaluate 298 new and transitional projects for fiscal year 1399, of which 81 were categorized as top priority.
The ministry has collected and analyzed the report on the implementation of 659 government development projects in fiscal year 1398 and has presented its analytical report to the Cabinet Council and Cabinet meetings on a regular basis.
Meanwhile, Deputy Minister- Finance and Admin Ahmad Jawad Osmani, explained the ministry’s achievements and activities in regulating and coordinating the activities of NGOs, leading and coordinating national projects and initiatives, high-impact social development projects and employment programs.
He said a total of 2,187 local and international NGOs were registered with the Ministry of Economy in the year 1398. These NGOs spent a total of US $ 935 million, about 60 percent of which were spent by international and 40 percent by local NGOs.
Osmani added that the Ministry of Economy issued licenses for 288 new NGOs last year, while 767 local and 15 international institutions were dissolved over the past year due to failing to report.
“Out of 587 high-impact social development projects, 406 projects have been completed and put into operation so far and in FY 1398, 91 projects have been completed,” Deputy Minister- Finance and Admin said on high-impact social development projects implemented in 34 provinces.
Osmani said the employment program, aimed at providing better livelihoods for returnees and IDPs, funded by the World Bank with $ 200 million, will be implemented over five years in 2019-2023 in 13 provinces of the country with the highest numbers of returnees and IDPs. Deputy Minister, Technical Affairs, highlighted MoEC key commitments for fiscal year 1399 and said preparing a 10-year strategy for sustainable development goals, preparing and presenting economic growth and development scenarios using the Sustainable Development Goals economic model, developing and presenting a mid-term review report of A-SDGS to Afghan people and UN High-level Political Forum; Beginning the Process of Localizing A-SDGS; Developing and Publishing Afghanistan’s National Socio-Economic Outlook for 1398 and republishing socio-economic profiles of the Afghan provinces are the ministry plans for fiscal year 1399.

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