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More pressures needed on countries supporting terrorism

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The NATO Foreign Ministers would discuss range of issues, including security situation in Afghanistan, peace process and the Geneva conference. The foreign ministers would meet on 4-5 December 2018 – to discuss a wide range of security challenges, including Russia’s destabilizing behavior, violent extremism and Middle East, North Africa and situation in Afghanistan.
The meeting on Afghanistan will be held on the 5th of December, in a format that will include all NATO Allies, all nations contributing to the NATO-led Resolute Support (RS) mission to train, advice and assist the Afghan security forces and institutions.
The extreme growth of terror and terrorist activities has begun to worry the whole world. The growing rates of terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and around the world have become a bold challenge. To end the terrorist activities from the earth, the World’s major powers and the regional countries must give it a top priority in order to live in peace. Terrorism not only threatening the Asian countries but rather it has spreaded throughout the globe.
The NATO member countries should acknowledge that world has to fight against terrorism so that the dream of the world for peace, prosperity, stability, civilization, and brotherhood can be achieved by ending the world’s worst terrorist networks wherever they are designing their attacks on the innocents.
Above all, the extreme growth of terrorism from Afghanistan cannot be ended, unless the Afghan Security Forces are trained and provided with essential equipment to chase terrorists anywhere inside the country. Meanwhile, to put into a nutshell, the world must realize that this is not a game anymore. If today, the terrorist activities are only used against the people in Afghanistan, tomorrow will surely make ways to reach other societies.
Therefore, NATO foreign ministers should pay more attention to the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and the growing threats of militants across the country. The militants not only targeting the government installations and the Afghan security forces, but also kidnapping passengers and attacking civilian houses.
The resistance of Afghan security forces and their great sacrifices are appreciable in combating terrorism. The Special Forces had great achievements within the two years and changed the battles in favor of the state. Despite lack of equipment, the Afghan air forces also inflicted heavy casualties upon the militants and barred them from gaining the upper hand.
Now the people of Afghanistan hope that the NATO meeting would have an actual decision about the problems of Afghanistan. Meanwhile it is hoped that the Afghan representatives to the meeting have the ability to convince the NATO leaders to remove terrorism’s nests outside Afghanistan’s borders so not only Afghan people, but the region and even the world are saved.
Those states sponsoring terrorism and destructive activities in Afghanistan should be pressurized to give up support of the militants and stop sending military equipment to them.
Supporting terror in Afghanistan today, would destabilize the whole region and the world tomorrow.

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