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More Afghans turn to plantation of saplings to mark new year

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By: Shukria Kohistani

With arriving the spring season, more Afghans have turned to plantation of saplings to mark the new 1,400 year in the country. People have stormed to markets where various types of saplings are sold. As previous years, this year a large number of owners of orchards and farmers have arrived in Kabul with various saplings to sell in the market.
Matiullah, a resident of Parwan, is selling saplings in one of Kabul markets. In his interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Matiullah said he has brought different saplings to the market.
“As you see, there are different types of saplings for selling,” Matiullah said, adding that more people have turned this year to purchase saplings for plantation and nearly 120 – 1,500 saplings were sold on daily basis.
He said that he has brought 6,000 saplings from Parwan, adding that currently people were interested in purchasing both fruitful and non-fruitful saplings.
“Fortunately, the people of Afghanistan are interested now in planting saplings to celebrate the new year,” Matiullah said, stressing that living in peaceful environment is one of the top desires of the people. He hoped the new year would bring peace and prosperity to vulnerable people of Afghanistan.
He asked the people to plant a sapling to have a clean air and environment in years ahead.
Meanwhile, Seyar, a resident of Kabul who was purchasing a sapling, told The Kabul Times that green areas and plantation have increased the level of rainfalls in recent years, asking the people to buy and plant each a sapling.
“I always buy and plant saplings to mark the new year and see my home green and beautiful,” Seyar said, adding that with plantation of saplings, we will witness clean air and environment in years ahead. He further said that Kabul has recently witnessed with increasing pollution; therefore, it was necessary to buy and plant saplings with arriving the spring season.
In Kabul city, plantation drive of saplings started on 10th of March as the day has been declared as National Day for Plantation of Saplings across the country. Relevant government institutions have started the drive in various parts of the country.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan National Environmnet Protection Agency (NEPA) has declared that it is determined that 25 million saplings both fruitful and non-fruitful saplings are going to be planted across the country this year. Since the starting of the national drive for plantation of saplings, more than 2.8million saplings have been planted across the country. It is determined that the drive continues during coming weeks.
In consideration to importance of plantation of different saplings and reduction in air pollution, all people are responsible to take part in plantation of saplings to mark the new year so that they can breathe in clean air in years ahead.




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